KÜLKEDİSİ Bir varmış bir yokmuş evvel zaman içinde küçük güzel mi güzel bir kız varmış. Bu küçük kızın güzel bir ailesi çok güzel bir annesi çok iyi bir babası varmış.

                        WORLD TALES


  Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl.

 This little girl had a beautiful family, a beautiful mother, a very good father. While living happily with his family, one day his beloved mother fell ill.

 What should his father do, he sought a remedy. The best doctors in the country came to take care of her mother, but she could not recover. When her mother separated, they started to live a happy life together.

Since her father was a merchant, she went on long journeys and found her daughter a little older every time she came. The beautiful girl spends her days waiting for her father at home; one day his father was growing waste, he was getting old and he wanted to marry so as not to be alone when he got married, he asked what his daughter thought. When the beauties said, “Father, of course, you should get married” because the daughter does not want her father to be alone. Her father said she wanted to marry a widow. Day after day, when her father got married and came, the girl had a stepmother and two step-sisters. When the woman saw the beauty of the girl, she was very jealous of her. Because their daughters were not beautiful at all.

As the days passed, months and years passed, his father worked non-stop, but could not make his new wife happy in any way. His new wife always invites and attends parties at home. In order to meet this cost, the man was tired of working. Her father, this tired and old state, was very sad. Moreover, although his stepmother did not treat him badly, he was not doing well. To the invitations and balls he gave; He went to the parties and didn’t take his step-daughter with him to the balls, so everyone started to forget the beautiful daughter of the merchant. This is what the woman wanted. Because everyone said that the girl got her beauty from her mother. Her father set out in an unbeatable season in order to keep up with the expense of his step-daughters and wife, and his goal was to do a great job and not go again and when he came back, he would marry his beautiful daughter to a good man.

He entrusted his daughter to his wife on the way. His wife said, “Your daughter is my daughter. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of him. “I will not separate from my daughters.” But the man did not believe his wife’s words. He also entrusted it to the veteran employees of the house. They accepted the girl because they loved her very much. The man said goodbye to his daughter with a little bit of relief and set off. Days passed months. One night, when there was a storm outside, Güzel girl received the news that her father was missing. From that day on, her stepmother began to treat her like a housemaid. When the employees of the house, who protected the beautiful girl as they chase the days, were fired one by one, the girl was left alone. The beautiful girl became friends with cats, dogs, mice, birds and horses after that day.

Her stepmother started to invest the affairs of the employees she sent to the beautiful girl. The beautiful girl’s life was getting harder every day. After her stepmother said that their money would not be enough for those working at home, she started to make the whole house work for the beautiful girl. The beautiful girl was getting up in the first light of the morning and trying to keep up with the wishes of her stepmother and stepbrothers until midnight. One morning the beautiful girl completely lost everything in her life. The house he was born in was no longer his. That morning, her stepmother came to her room and told her that her daughters should stay in this big and well-heated room, and the beautiful girl should stay in the attic. The attic was very cold. The beautiful girl lying on the floor had neither a bed nor a duvet. The beautiful girl fell asleep while warming up in front of the fireplace in the kitchen to avoid tiredness and cold. Knowing this, his step-siblings gave a name to the beautiful girl. They called the beautiful girl ‘cinderella.

Cinderella was miserable from running around every day. Is Cinderella ready to eat? While Cinderella passed between the words “Are all the work of the house done?”, The beautiful girl was now very lonely and unhappy. As his days passed unhappy and hopeless. One day the door of their house was knocked. At the door was the butler from the palace and an invitation. The invitation reads “All the young girls of the country are invited to the ball the king gave in the palace.” The stepmother who received this invitation was very, very happy because; Knowing that the King wanted to marry the Prince, the stepmother immediately began preparations and bought new clothes, jewelry and shoes for her daughters. She spent all the money left by her husband to the last penny. She prepared her daughters for the ball with special creams and baths she had prepared by Cinderella. Cinderella, on the other hand, thought that she could go to that ball and prepared the most beautiful dress from her mother.

It’s prom day. The Cinderella stepmother and step-sisters, who had been running the girls to prepare and do housework until evening that day, hurriedly put on her dress and came out. His stepmother was surprised when he saw Cinderella, while his step-sisters looked surprised, and his stepmother and brothers started laughing at him. His stepmother said: “Are you planning to come with us in this dirty and scruffy condition and that bad dress on”. His step-sisters also mocked and went out laughing. While they were riding on their carriages, the beautiful girl started to cry. Cinderella was very, very upset. She fell asleep crying in front of the fireplace in the kitchen. Meanwhile, he wakes up with a sound. ‘Pretty girl, are you so sad‘ That voice when the girl says she’s sorry ‘Why are you sad? Or do you want to go to that ball? What she sees while looking for a girl’s voice is a beautiful woman right next to it. Cinderella warmed up as this brilliant woman looked at him laughing. Cinderella said ‘who are you’.

“I am your fairy mother. Before your mother left you, he entrusted you to me. I could not bear your cry, I came. “I will send you to the ball.” Cinderella was delighted to hear that she could go to the ball. As he prepares to come to the ball; All the doors of the palace are opened. The most important families of the country and the daughters of the wealthiest families of the country, whose invitations came with them, entered the palace. Every guest was very excited to see the palace closely for the first time. The prince was beside him because his father was sick. While the prince did not want to marry, his father wanted to marry his son before he died. When he explained that he did not want his son to be left alone while he was ruling the country, the prince decided to attend the ball organized by his father, even though he did not agree to marry.

The princesses of many countries, who heard that the prince was handsome and strong and successful, also attended the ball. The ballroom of the palace was decorated with colorful people. But all the guests’ eyes were on the incoming princesses. Princesses could be like trinkets decorated with precious stones and crowns. Then the father of the prince joined the ball and the music started. As the prince greets the guests, young girls surrounded him. Cinderella’s fairy mother asked her for a pumpkin. Cinderella immediately found the biggest pumpkin in the garden. Then the Fairy mother said could you bring me some animals. Cinderella sought help from her animal friends. They also accepted. The fairy brought four mice, two lizards and a goose to her mother. Cinderella and her fairy mother go out to the garden, and when the fairy touches them with her magic stick, the pumpkin is on a giant golden carriage. The mice have turned into beautiful white horses, lizards, black-dressed servants, and goose into a chubby chariot in white clothes.

When the fairy mother touched the shoulder of the cinderella, the dress of the cinderella turned into a gorgeous blue dress, and glass shoes appeared on her feet. Cinderella has turned into a wonderful fairy girl. While the fairy mother put the Cinderella in the car and sent her to the ball, she said “Leave before midnight”. Cinderella flew out of happiness and went to the ball. The moment he entered the Palace Gate, the prince was impressed by the Cinderella and immediately went to him. The king was delighted when his son, who was not affected by any young girl around him from the beginning of the balloon, went after this beautiful girl who entered the ballroom like a light. The king immediately sent his men to find out who the girl was. Meanwhile, when the king’s men learned that the girl was arriving in a golden car, everyone started to say that she was a princess of a country.

The prince went to the beautiful girl and invited her to dance. Not knowing that the person who invited her to dance was the prince, Cinderella was impressed by the handsome young man and agreed to dance with him. The prince and the beautiful girl danced like a dream. Everyone who watched was amazed. While they were chatting, no one could find out who the girl was. She was amazed by the beautiful girl who came while her stepmother and stepbrothers were making plans to impress the prince and get her temper. Does the stepmother stop when she goes with her prince; In order to find other groom candidates at the ball, she introduced her daughters to young single men and tried to find out who the girl was. They started chatting with the Cinderella prince in the garden. Seeing the beauty of the heart of the beautiful girl, the prince did his best not to leave her. Every gesture of the beautiful girl is elegant and suspended. They started dancing again in the garden of the palace. Suddenly the o’clock started to hit twelve while dancing. Cinderella was alarmed and told the Prince she had to go. The prince did not want to leave him.

Cinderella, on the other hand, is running to catch the carriage. At the head of the golden phaeton, the henchmen were in a hurry, the horses were grumpy, and the coachman restlessly awaited Cinderella. While Cinderella was running down the long and high stairs of the palace, she dropped one of her glass shoes and before she had a chance to pick it up, she got on the golden-gleaming phaeton before the prince’s eyes, and went full speed away. The king’s men got on their horses and followed the girl. The prince is left with her glass shoes. It was midnight while the girl was hurrying to get home, and the phaeton turned into a pumpkin, the horses into a mouse, the servants into lizards, and the coachman into an accident. Cinderella also becomes old, only glass shoes remain. Cinderella took it, wrapped it in cloth and hid it. He also took the pumpkin and headed home with his friends. By the way, the men of the golden phaeton king were able to find neither the beautiful girl nor the phaeton. The only spoken mysterious beauty that night and in many beautiful countries was the princess. Even though the king searched the whole country, he made a deal with his son when he could not find the beautiful girl. They were going to try glass shoes on all the young girls in the country. Whoever it is, Prince will marry him and ascend to the throne

The prince accepts this. Let the royal men, all the young girls, check the glass shoes. No young girl’s feet were in glass shoes. When the stepmother could not find a husband for her daughters on the prom night, she saw the glass shoes as an opportunity and gave her daughters ice massages and hot water treatments for days. Day after day buckets of the country did not go, we did not try the door, glass shoes, no one left, the prince will give up, learning that it is the last house, the prince personally took him to try the glass shoe. As the prince was coming towards Cinderella, his stepmother found the place where he hid Cinderella’s glass shoe and took it away. He also locked Cinderella in the attic. Meanwhile, the prince and the king’s men came and the stepmother met them. Their two daughters never tried the shoes. He also wanted to try it. Meanwhile, Cinderella, who heard that the prince was below, could not leave the room, no matter what she did. He started to cry. The prince has left the house.

At that moment, his father and mother and his assistants, his employees who were friends of Cinderella in their absence, appeared before the prince and this is ‘There is another girl in this house. This house is of a merchant. This woman is the merchant’s second wife. Girls are not his first wife. Start is from the country. The merchant has only one daughter. They said that when the merchant’s wife disappears, she turns her daughter into a servant and acts badly.

  Hearing these, the prince gave orders. The men of the snow came back to the house and searched the whole house and found the Cinderella locked in the attic. Meanwhile, her stepmother said, “I have two daughters, I have no other children.”

  As soon as the prince saw Cinderella, he recognized ‘despite his tired and dirty state‘.

 The prince turned to Cinderella’s stepmother and said, “If there is no other girl in this house, who is this?”

  Woman ‘she is the maid of this house. What can your maid do at the ball? In this case, he said “Attend the ball”.

 Thereupon, the prince took off the glass shoe and put it on Cinderella.

  One of the soldiers who searched the house found the wife of the glass shoe in the place where it was hidden and brought it. Stepmother was confused about what to do.
When Cinderella wanted to tell what happened, the prince said that she learned everything from the employees of the house and ‘I don’t need shoes to get to know you. He said, “I know you in any way” and proposed to you. Cinderella happily accepted the prince’s marriage proposal. Meanwhile, her stepbrothers ‘O Cinderella. Do not let them say scruffy and ugly ‘! The prince is so angry ‘he’s so beautiful and good. You are very bad and ugly. The ugliness of your heart hits you. He said, “Do not come across us again”. When the stepmother started begging, fearing that the prince and the king would harm them, the prince left the decision to Cinderella. The girl pardoned the woman on condition that she would not see it again. The women and their daughters who were selling whatever they had for the ball were homeless and left. The prince returned to the palace with the girl he fell in love with at first sight. The king had a beautiful wedding for them that lasted for days. Then what happened? The prince kept his word to the king and ascended the throne. Cinderella became the beloved wife of the queen and king. So we came to the end of another fairy tale. Three apples have fallen from the tree. One for them, one for you, one for me.

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