The frog prınce WORLD TALES

The Frog Prınce

                  WORLD TALES


Once upon a time. Once upon a time there was a king in one of the country. THIS king had seven daughters. She was the most beautiful little girl of her daughters. The little girl of the king liked to play as much as he was beautiful. Especially with the golden ball. He did not give the golden ball to anyone, but he never separated it from him.

Bored in the palace one day, the princess went for a walk to the lake and then started playing with the golden ball. When playing with a delightful pleasant ball, do not suddenly escape the ball! The ball rolled after the princess. But this will be the ball has fallen into the lake. The princess started crying. “My ball fell into the lake. My ball fell into the lake, ‘called, shouting, but no one heard his voice. The room could not stand and started to cry. A small frog appeared suddenly while crying, “My golden ball is my golden ball.”

“If you want the princess, I can bring your ball to you,” he said. The princess was very happy to hear that. Frog ‘But I want to live with you in exchange for bringing the ball to you. “I want to sleep with you.” The princess didn’t want to accept it first. Then he said okay because he couldn’t give up the golden ball. Hearing the frog will it stop, the princess soon gave the golden ball to the immersed water. The princess has disappeared without saying that you will keep your promise to give it.

The door was suddenly hit while having dinner with the king queen and daughters. The butlers reported that a frog wanted to see the little princess. When the princess understood the situation and wanted to go to her room, her father said “Who is the frog girl?” When the princess told what happened, the king said that you should keep his word and let the frog in.

The frog came to the croak. He greeted the king and the queen and went to the chair prepared for him and sat next to the princess. When the meal was over and everyone went to his room, the frog said ‘what will I be? ‘ When the princess said that you should keep the promise of ‘, the princess went to her room with the frog. When the princess lay down to sleep while she was standing on one side, the frog said I want to sleep with you. The princess remembered her word and said to the frog, “Okay, you can sleep.” He said, but started to cry for.

Then, as soon as the frog came and lay on the bed, a strange light covered the room, whatever the princess saw, the frog turned into a handsome and young prince.

  Princess ‘when you say kim who are you?

 ‘I was a prince. A witch, who was jealous of me because I was so handsome, made me jealous and turned me into a frog. “

After that day, the prince started to live in the palace and they became very good friends with the princess. When the day came, they got married with a very nice wedding and were happy. Let’s say you are beautiful when you come to the end of a fairy tale.

TOM THUMB Previously, there was a very poor husband and wife who lived in a tiny hut over time. They did not complain about their husband and wife poverty, they were happy and their only problem was that they did not have a child. Husband and wife work during the day, efforts make their home, and at night they wish they had a child. One day, the husband and wife decided to go to the magician who lived near their home and ask for help. When the husband and wife feared a little and went to the sorcerer and asked for help, the sorcerer gave them a magic seed and said, ‘Sow this seed and start waiting.’ The husband and wife came to their homes with joy and planted the magic seed in a small flowerpot.

The days are past. Husband and wife were coming and going hopefully waiting for the thing to come out of the pot. On the morning of a day when their hopes were cut, the sun began to bloom while the sun was shining brightly. Husband and wife were very, very surprised when they saw this little boy. The boy who looked at them with beautiful eyes was as small as a bean. While taking them in their hands and looking confused, ‘We had a very small but fit child. But it was our child. We wanted to have a child all these years and at the end they said our child and were very happy.

They did not take care of him until the evening and left them. In the evening, they made her a bed of walnut shells and did not leave her until she slept with a beautiful leaf. When they got out, they left the room. When they left, a couple of eyes appeared in front of the open window. These eyes did not take good care of the little boy. Finally, an ugly frog entered the room and looked at the little boy badly.

Her ugly frog with a bad heart looks at the child and ‘This child is as good a worker as the little finger, so I can take it and work in my mine. “I will do slaves.” Then he took the walnut shell back. When it was morning, his parents, who could not see their son, were very upset and thought that he went through the open window and started looking for him

The finger boy awakened elsewhere as they searched for their son. He also looked at his house, not an ugly frog. ‘ Where am I. Where did my parents say? ” Laughing the frog ‘You’re mine now. You became my slave. You will work in my mine. Do not think that you can escape, I will eat you if you try to escape. ‘

Finger boy is very, very scared. He started crying. The Ugly Frog was acting very badly. Meanwhile, the red fish watching them felt very upset about the child. The finger boy was always begging the ugly frog ‘Please let me go to my mom and dad. They miss me so much. They were very curious, ip he said and cried. One day the red fish could not stand the finger of the child and came to him secretly. ‘Finger child finger child I help you. He said, “I will save you from the ugly frog.” He was very happy that the finger was saved and thanked the red fish many times.

The red fish was so lonely and she wanted to have a friend, she said to the finger boy çoc The finger boy, you are alone, I come alone, let’s be friends, we live happily together. Finger boy said “thank you red fish for red fish but I have a mom and dad they were very curious about me, I should go to them, will you leave me to the shore?” The finger in the red fish did what the child wanted and left him to shore. The two friends said goodbye and made the way to the finger children’s house. After a long tiring journey, he found the way to his house, hiding from birds and insects, when he finally came home, he found his parents waiting for him as tearful.

 They had a family of finger children and they had their children. They all lived a good life together.

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