TURKISH TALES


Once upon a time, a rich man lived in a country while donkeys were flying. This man had two daughters. These girls say that the stalk of the pear or the garbage of the grape never marry their suitors.

They loved traveling with their fathers. Their fathers were very sorry for their daughters. To his wife ‘Oh, if our girls get married too. We exist today and we do not exist tomorrow. Even though they have a wife, he says what they do in this world, if they are not alone. One day, this man encountered a man while walking around the market. The man he met was an old person with a bent waist and white hair on his head. He stood in front of the man and said: Sir, sir, would you cure my problem. Even though this job was very surprised, the man said: “ I’ll be, uncle, you tell me your problem. The man said that he had a son and he had two sons, but he had to go to a far away country to see them.

Man: Well, grandpa, why should I take you there? How can I take it? The old man started and said that there are silk fabrics and atlas covers that are unique in this country. He also said that his son was old enough to marry his two sons. That’s when the rich man had an idea. He told the old man that he would take him. He sent news to both daughters. My daughters, I go on a long journey. I will go to a beautiful country. The girls immediately prepared for the trip and joined their father, saying come with me.

The two daughters, their father, the old man and the man’s caravan had fallen, they went a long way, they went long, they went straight down the river, they went one autumn for six months. They came across villages, cities, countries and into a desert. Grandfather said to the man that the back of this desert is that country, but when passing through this desert, one must be very careful. Here we live with lions and pass them, we will arrive in the country immediately. He took the man a nuisance. When he was asking how to cross lions and jackals, his daughters asked their father. When they told about their father, they said, give us two men, two daughters, let’s go with them and have a look. What should their fathers do?

The two girls and two soldiers had gone a little too long, they had gone over the hills. They saw that there is nothing in the desert. ‘You know, there were lions and cocks here. There is nobody left to say, ‘They also looked at a castle on a distant hill and immediately went there. And they approached a castle that dazzled the eyes as its huge walls looked white. The gate of the castle entered through the door at intervals and there was nobody inside.

The castle is almost a palace. Tables are everywhere, chairs are couches, walls and rugs are priceless on the ground. The two girls started to tour the palace. There were many rooms on the first floor. The rooms are empty. There were silverware in the rooms on the second floor, but there was nobody again. Everything on the third floor was also made of silver. Even though everything was made of silver, there was nobody in this huge palace. While looking around, they also saw that there was a gold table and two golden chairs on a balcony overlooking the palace garden. The two girls sat on the chairs because they were tired of traveling. “Just as the brothers decided that no one was there and they were going to go, a lion came quickly up the stairs. He looked at the two girls and the soldiers. The lion was so big and so big that both soldiers started trembling with fear.

Even if the girls were afraid, they did not show up. Then the lion did nothing to the girls. He went as he came, dragging as he caught one of the soldiers. It is evening while the two girls wait to see if the lion will come back. Just as the two girls were thinking, “Let’s go, everybody.” They also looked, this time a coyote appeared at the top of the stairs. This coyote looked at the girls. When the girls did not show his fear, the jackal left as he caught the soldier, who was trembling with fear. This time, the two sisters, who were anxious to see if both the lion and the jackal would come, did not get up from the chair until the morning. Then, it was morning, when two sisters were leaving the palace when they were not coming, they suddenly saw the kitchen, they were about to die of hunger, and they had a long way to go to their father. Two girls entered the kitchen once. Lots of vegetables and fruits just stand there for cooking, but no food. The two brothers started preparing food. Whatever they found, they cooked dozens of dishes with all of them, ate some of it and left the palace.

They came out, they looked right at the exit and looked left and could not see the direction they came from. What should he do? The two poor people said that this is the road, they fell off the road, they went too long, they crossed the hills, and once again they saw that they were in front of the castle again. The two girls, who were very tired and thirsty, went back to the castle. Like Sara, they entered the castle so they can see what they can see inside. Lots of lions eat them in front of them. These lions were afraid whether they would eat us too, and the lions did not even look at them. The two girls were very happy about this and went up to the third floor and sat on the chair again and watched the lions eat up whatever they had.

It was evening and they saw Çakkal is coming. While they were waiting, “Now it’s our turn,” they also saw that Çakkal was passing by. Çakkal entered a room and disappeared. They also looked at the lion. The girls said, “The lion hasn’t gotten full while we are talking about food. The lion also went into another room and disappeared. Because the two girls were sleepless and tired, they went to a room and went to bed and got up in the morning that neither lion nor jackal. Whichever room they looked at, there were no traces of lions or jackals.

The two brothers went to the kitchen to quench their hunger, and the chickens, vegetables, and fruits were still waiting, and immediately started cooking. After cooking dozens of food and feeding some, they went out of the castle again. They looked left and right. Again, they could not find their way to go. They are less gone. They were miserable walking in the sun. Finally they realized that they could not find the way and came back to the castle again. They also saw that a lot of jackals were eating their food. The girls did not know what to do and went up without seeing the jackals and sat on golden chairs and watched them eat their food. Then the jackal went up again without looking at them and disappeared into a room. The lion followed him, the room went into a room and disappeared. The girls looked down and there is not a single jackal. They stayed in chairs for hours and then went into a room and slept.

In the morning, the girls traveled everywhere, again, there was nobody. They went into the kitchen, cooked and ate again, then they left the castle and started looking for a way to reach their father again. They have gone a little, they have gone long, they have gone a distance of barley, but they could not get out of the desert. They had to go back to the castle. They came to the castle when there was nobody around, but all the food was eaten but everywhere was sunk. The two brothers rested for a while and started to wash the dishes and clean the castle. Every day they get up and cook, then look for a way to cross the desert, and they say, “If only we could cross that desert and tell our father we were good”. Day after day, they chased the castle clean. Every day the lion and the jackal came and looked at them and went back. But somehow they couldn’t cross the desert.

Anyway, let’s get to the point;

 What should the girls see when they get up and go out to the balcony that morning; The golden table is waiting for them with papers, a pen, a dove. They loved and fondled the pigeon and then read the paper. Write the message you want on this paper, then tie it to the pigeon’s feet and tell where you want it to go. The dove will deliver the message. The girls wrote a note on the paper telling their father that they were good and told him to tie it to the dove’s feet and deliver it to their father. The pigeon suddenly flew away and disappeared.

 Then the girls went to the kitchen, they cooked and ate, they decided not to leave the castle again and wait for their father.

They started to tour the castle like every day. Every room was empty. On the one hand, they wondered who was helping them and where was helping them. As they traveled, they found strings in one of the empty rooms, and a note next to it. It says: Make two dresses with these ropes. The two girls weaved the ropes for days and nights without any rest, then they sewed two dresses from the fabric they had made. When they were looking for clothes, they would see what their father came to the castle with his men and ran to meet him.

The man was delighted to see his daughters. He asked why they didn’t come back. The girls told what happened to them and told that the owners of this palace-like castle were lions and chakers. The man was alarmed. ‘If they see us here, they will hurt you and us, he said, let’s go. When the girls told their fathers that the lion and the jackpot didn’t do anything to them, they just couldn’t come because they couldn’t find their way; Fathers: I waited for you too. When you didn’t come, I hit the road. I wandered around, but I could not find this castle or you. Finally a pigeon came, he left me this note, flew away. I am very happy to learn that you are alive. I was just going to ask the pigeon your place, and what can I see is a castle on the hill. I came immediately hoping to find you.

The girls and their fathers were longing. They showed their fathers a place to rest. While their fathers were resting, they set out to the kitchen to prepare food with whatever they found. When they entered the kitchen, they also saw that there was a note on the table. They looked to the right and they looked to the left. There is nobody. Not ta ‘longing with your father. Come to the garden when the night comes alone ‘. The girls cooked meals and then ate with their fathers. It is evening and their father went to bed. The girls have waited for the lion and the coyote. Neither the lion came, nor the jackal, the girls went to the garden. They waited, they waited, no coming, no outgoing.

While they were going back to their rooms together, they saw a light in the garden. What do they see when they get there? A small door between trees. They have opened it that it is a path that goes deep, twisting. ”This road was a road leading into the castle even though they did not know it. ‘The two brothers were having a hard time walking this narrow road. They went on this road for a long time, and they were thinking of going back to the exit, and they came to such a big room that they were surprised.

 Cube gold coins in the room. There were cubic diamonds, sapphires, emeralds. There were four golden thrones. Two of these thrones were decorated with emeralds and diamonds. They also looked at the two young men coming towards them and the clothes they sewed.

The two boys greeted the girls. He spoke. They started telling by sitting the two girls on golden chairs. They said we are two brothers like you. The country behind is our country and we are the princes of that country. The fairy sultan closed us here. We are the guardians of this desert, the lion and the jackal you see, the others are our men. Lots of people come here. These people were scared of us and ran away, disappeared in the desert and then died.

  We stand here desperately waiting for someone to help us. You can see we lived alone here. You came and did not run away. Be patient. We have brought you together with your father. In return, we asked you for a dress so that we could talk to you. We let you go with your father, but we have a wish from you. Go to the country behind and inform our old father and tearful mother that we are here and that we are good and that we will not be able to return to our country again.

The two girls were saddened by what they heard. They accepted the offer of two young men. Thereupon, the boys told what they had to do. They also stipulated. They said don’t tell your father about us. In the morning, the two girls told their father that they should hit the road. Their father said he could not find the way and reach their men. Just at this time, a pigeon came to the girls with a note on their feet. “This pigeon will take you first to your caravan and then to the country behind.” The girls loved the pigeon and caressed it and then told their Fathers that they could find the way. Their fathers were confused, but they trusted their daughters. The girls have flown the dove again. The dove took them to their caravan. Their fathers were delighted when their caravan arrived in a short time.

When the girls decide to take a rest and go back on the way back. They told their father that they could take him to the country he wanted to go to. Even though their fathers trusted their daughters, they couldn’t afford to get lost in the desert. The old man came out while the girls could not persuade their fathers whatever they said. Old man: I’ve been waiting for you for days too. I see that you found your daughters so you found a way to cross the desert. When does it not say that you will bring me together with my children, my only grandchildren? The man remembered his promise to the old man. Daughters ‘my father, our caravan’s hand would not turn empty. Moreover, there is a promise given to the old uncle, they said, let’s cross the desert and go to the country behind “.

What should the man do, the girls are right on the road to uncle. The pigeon and the girls in the front set out to go to the country behind the caravan behind. After a while, the caravan ran out of food and water. The girls also saw that the pigeon flies in circles a little further. The girls arrived at the place where the caravan was in the front and the pigeon in the back, which is an oasis. In this oasis, they found a lake with plenty of water, various fruits and dates. In the evening, they set up tents and while everyone was sleeping, the two girls loved and caressed the pigeons, while their fathers were watching them from where they lay. Doesn’t a huge lion and a jackal come out of the trees suddenly there was a sound? While the man gets up and wants to protect their daughters, the girls who have looked at one go towards the lion with the lion. The lion and the jackal entered the forest in front, the girls in the back, suddenly the lion and the jackal turned into two young men.

The two prince daughters go to the palace to find their sultan’s father; They told them to send these two silk handkerchiefs to their mother if they did not take them to the palace. Then, when they realized that someone was watching them, they immediately disappeared into the darkness and left the lion and the jackal. Before the girls knew what had happened, their father came to him. Who were you talking to? In the girls. We were talking to Aslan with the jackal; They said thanks for helping us ethical. Their father was scared. He told you not to do anything to us, let’s come back. The girls convinced their fathers that nobody can do anything to us in this desert unless they want to.

In the morning, they fell off the road a little, they went long, and they saw the desert was over. He came in the pigeon and put on the shoulders of the girls. They all went on their way together. They also saw that the country they were looking for was standing against them. They all entered the country joyfully. Their father found an inn where they could stay, and arranged them in a room for everyone. While the caravan was resting, both daughters joined their fathers while their fathers were looking for things to take to their country, but their intentions were different. After a while, they said they were bored and left their father to visit the city. They took the pigeons with them and arrived at the palace. They started to wait so that we could explain our problem to someone who came out even though the palace door was opened. They waited, they waited.

They waited, they waited; A lot of time has passed. The girls who opened the palace door to a network asked for help from the network in a tearful voice. They said we have no place to go, show us a place to stay. Although the Aga was sorry for the girls’ situation, he said that this is not my palace and I will not take you and he is gone. ‘Even if the girls begged everyone, the last butler who came, let alone wait, did not benefit. Then these girls started to be spoken in the palace.

 The nanny of the princes also heard about it and took a network with him and arrived at the palace door. two beautiful girls flowing. They are very nice, polite and well-mannered. When the girls asked what was wrong with you, they said, would you give the woman two handkerchiefs and take it to our sultan? The nanny did not leave the girls who recognized the handkerchiefs immediately and took them to a room in the palace. He ran and informed the sultan and showed the handkerchief, and the Sultan immediately recognized the handkerchief. The room invited the girls to his side. Two beautiful, smart, well-behaved girls and their pigeons.

Sultan: Beautiful girls, welcome. Now tell me how you got these handkerchiefs. When the girls hesitantly explained what had happened, their mothers started to cry when they realized what had happened to their two sons who did not go back. Then they took the girls and went to the sultan. The sultan told what happened to the sultan one by one. The Sultan could not believe what he heard and told the girls about their son’s disappearance: We had two sons. My father lives in a country beyond the desert. I sent him years ago to let my sons know their grandparents and even take their grandfathers back. But neither came my sons. What is my father? I thought my two sons were also dead. You have brought me great good news. He said now I will go and save my sons.

Even if the girls were very sorry for the Sultan and the sultan, they had to tell them that they would not be able to cross that desert. The girls said that anyone entering the desert could not get out, but if they wanted, they could talk to their sons and learn if there was a way to spoil the magic of the fairy sultan and inform the sultan. The sultan was very happy with this job. The girls informed their fathers and set off. While their father came to the palace in anxiety, they also set off. When the girls came to the desert, they first loved and caressed the pigeon and then said they wanted to see the boys. The dove took them to the oasis. The girls flew away in the dove while relaxing in the oasis until the evening

Meanwhile, the sultan and the father of the girls started to wait in anxiety. Then two princes came and their daughters were very happy that he came back. They sat next to the girls and listened to what they told. The sultan explained that their fathers and their mothers would do whatever it takes to save them. At that time, the two boys said: Neither our mother nor our father can save us. The girls were very upset by this statement: They said, “Well, can we save you?”

The two boys told the girls that there was a way to do this: Their mothers will take cotton and spin a rope with their own hands without ever touching the ground. They said that if the two girls would sew two dresses for them without touching the rope at all, they could come to this desert and oasis again in three days, and they could come to this desert and oasis again and agree to stay with them, and they said that maybe they would have a chance, or both daughters would not leave the desert again. They immediately went to the palace and told what happened. In the sultan, the sultan was very happy with this job, but the girls’ father protected my daughters in case I could not see them again. At that time, the girls consoled their fathers that you would visit us in the desert.

Early the next morning, the sultan went to the bazaar and spun the wool he bought without touching the ground and made a rope until morning. The girls picked up those ropes without touching the ground and started to weave fabric for the dress in the early morning. Then they sewed two dresses until the morning without touching the floor. When the sun was rising in the morning, they got on the ancestors like the wind and went to the desert led by the pigeon. When the girls arrived at the oasis, they took care of them and two princes are waiting for them. They wore the robes brought by the girls and held the girls’ hands.

Princes: You risked everything for us and we will do everything for you. Our wives said, would you be our sultans? The girls were happy that the princes were saved and they said they loved them and wanted to get married. Anyway, let’s leave them behind and look at the country. When the girls set out, a preparation started in the palace. The rooms of the princes, which have been closed for years, have been prepared; In order to celebrate the return of the princes, a large table with bird’s milk was set up, and then the sultan started to wait for them in all the palace people in the sultan.

Then he came to the Palace with the father of the girls and an old man. When the sultan saw the man, he came running, kissed the hand of the old man and said welcome to my father ‘and hugged his father. The Sultan immediately kissed his father’s hand. They made the old man sit down and told what happened. The grandfather, who heard that these things were happening to his two grandchildren while coming to see him, was very upset. While they are waiting; suddenly a butler came running: he said they are coming, they are coming. Everyone greeted them in the palace garden. The two princes came out on two white horses with their girls. The festivities started immediately in the palace.

When the princes wanted to kiss the hand of the sultan, their father showed their father and said: this is your grandfather, kiss his hand first. The princes were very happy about this work. First they kissed and hugged their grandfather’s hand, then they hugged their father and then their sultan mother The Sultan was so glad that two beautiful girls brought both their sons and their father to them that he decided to have three meals for three days in the country. Tables are set all over the country.

The sultan engaged the daughters and his sons at the table set up in honor of the arrival of the princes, and before three days passed, he married a legendary wedding that lasted for forty days and forty nights. While his elder son remained with him, he inherited the throne; His younger son put the caravan behind him and went to the desert. He established a new great country there and became a sultan. What should they say, if they end up, let’s get out of it. It’s over here in this fairy tale. This was a fairy tale. Let it remind those who do not forget.


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