Parmak Çocuk


Once upon a time there was a very poor husband and wife living in a tiny cottage. This husband and wife would never complain about their poverty, they were happy, their only concern was that they did not have a child.

 Husband and wife work during the day, efforts to make ends meet, and at night they would be upset if we had a child.

 One day, the husband and wife decided to go to the wizard who lived near their house and ask for help. When the husband and wife went to the wizard with a little fear and asked for help, the sorcerer gave them a magic seed and said, Sow this seed and start waiting ‘. The husband and wife came to their house joyfully and planted the magic seed in a small pot.

Days passed. The husband and wife come and go, waiting for what will come out of the pot with hope, and on the morning of one day when their hope was lost, the sun started to open buds while the sun was shining brightly. When the husband and wife saw this tiny child, they were very, very surprised. The boy who looked at them with beautiful eyes was as small as a bean. While he took it in his hands and looked confusedly ‘We had a very small child that fits in our hands. But he had a child. All these years, we wanted to have a child and they said, “They were very happy.

They did not take care of him until evening. In the evening, they made a bed of walnut shells for him, and they stayed with his children until they slept with a beautiful leaf. When they awoke, they left the room. When they came out, a pair of eyes appeared in front of the open window. These eyes did not take good care of the little boy. Finally an ugly frog entered the room and took a bad look at the little boy.

  His heart is bad, his ugly frog finger looks at the child and ‘This kid will be a worker as much as a little finger than that, I’ll take this and work in my mine. I will make a slave. ‘ Then he took away the walnut shell.

His parents, who could not see their son in the morning, were very upset and thought he went through the open window and started looking for him. While they were looking for their son, the finger boy woke up somewhere else. He also saw an ugly frog, not in his home. ‘ Where am I. My mother and father said, “Where am I saying?” The frog laughed ‘You are mine now. You became my slave. You will work in my mine. Do not think you can escape, if you try to escape, I will eat you ‘

The finger boy is very, very scared. He started to cry. The Ugly Frog was behaving very badly. Meanwhile, the red fish finger watching them was very upset with the child’s condition. The finger boy was constantly begging the ugly frog ‘Please let me go to my mother and father. They missed me so much. They were very curious, saying ‘and crying.

 One day, the red fish could not bear this state of the finger boy and secretly came to him. Finger child finger child I can help you. I will save you from the ugly frog, ”he said, and he put it on a leaf and kidnapped from there. He was very happy that he got rid of the finger and thanked the red fish many times.

The red fish was very lonely and wanted to have a friend, so he said to the finger child ‘Finger child, you are alone, I am alone, come and be friends, we will live happily together. The finger boy said to the red fish, “Thank you, red fish, but I have a mother and father, they were very curious about me, I should go to them, will you leave me on the shore.” The finger in the red fish did what the boy wanted and left him on the shore. The two friends said goodbye and the finger made its way to the children’s home. After a long tiring journey, he found his way home, hiding how many birds and insects were hiding, and finally when he came to his house he found his parents waiting for him in tears.

The finger child family, they also have their children. Together they lived a good life

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