Once upon a time; In the past, a woman girl had a keloğlan. One day, Keloğlan went hunting on the mountain and shot a gazelle. The vizier came across as the gazelle was coming home by hitting her shoulder. When the vizier sees the gazelle, he thinks it is for sale; – He said, “Are you selling the gazelle, keloğlan?” He also; ‘No, I do not sell it. I will take a gift to the Sultan, “he said. After the vizier left, the keloğlan appeared before the right sultan and gave the gazelle to him. The Sultan was very pleased with this and gave Keloğlan a few bags of gold.

Keloğlan became rich when he got the money, he built mansions, horses and cars bought concubines. But the vizier got bored with them. He said to the Sultan, ‘Let’s call this keloğlan and order him to build an ivory mansion, if he doesn’t, let’s tell him that you will give him to the executioners. The Sultan said, “Okay”. He immediately called the Keloğlan and ordered him to build an ivory mansion. Keloğlan thought, asking the sultan for forty days and left. Keloğlan came home and told his mother what happened and asked for a mind from him. He cried, “How can I do this?”

Her mother said, don’t worry about her son, immediately bring a battalion of soldiers and forty batman wine, load them on forty camels and go there, there are mountains of elephants. He told what he would do next. What was he going to do? Keloğlan asked the sultan for forty camels and forty batmans and one battalion of soldiers. The Sultan gave it to him. Keloğlan loaded forty camels with forty batman wine and took a battalion of soldiers with him and went to the mountain of elephants. The elephants poured wine into the pool where elephants on the mountain drank water, got drunk and lost all their teeth. The keloğlanda returned as he loaded the teeth on the camels. A long way came to the city. The sultan said, “I came with elephant tusks, I will build your mansion.”

While the Sultan was happy with this job, the vizier was very bored. After we have completed the Keloğlan mansion, let’s ask the vizier sultan for the daughter of the king of Yemen from Keloğlan. Let’s see if he can bring it. The sultan liked this idea and immediately invited Keloğlan and ordered the king of Yemen to bring his daughter. What should Keloğlan do, he asked the sultan for forty days off and went to his house and told his mother what happened.

And his mother said: iste Take a ship decorated with diamonds unseen from the Sultan and take crews from the most beautiful girls and go to Yemene. Keloğlan did as his mother said. The Sultan gave an even more beautiful ship. He set out in Keloğland. While he was sailing to the sea, he also saw that the big fish helped the little fish to get rid of it to eat the small fish. The little fish said: al Take those two feathers, hit each other when you are bored, I will catch up to you ‘. He got lost in the sea again. Keloğlan went to Yemene, and the ferry anchored in front of the palace.

While the king was traveling outside, he also looked at a very nice ferry and called the Keloglan: ‘Where did you come from? This is what a beautiful ship he said. Keloğlan said, “I am a merchant, I come from Istanbul.” The king invited this merchant, who he did not know, to his palace for dinner, and gave gold and pearls as a gift after the meal. Did Keloğlan stand idle, he invited the king to the ship the next day. He organized a lot of fun. As the king leaves the ship ‘I have a daughter. He wants to see the ship. He said, can he sail the ship tomorrow? Keloğlanda said, “Of course, my king, we will gladly show him around.”

The next day, the girl came and ordered the ship to move when they started to tour the lower floors while touring the ship. When the girl realized that it was evening and looked up, she started to cry because the ship was going away. When the king realized that his daughter was kidnapped, he sent ships after them. When the girl saw them and threw the ring on her finger into the sea, the ship remained where it was. What should Keloğlan do? He will be caught. He took out the two feathers from his pocket and hit each other. The fish came to the aid of the keloğlan immediately took the ring out of the sea and gave it to the keloğlan. The ship has moved again. The king’s ships could not reach them.

They went a little too long and finally arrived in Istanbul. He immediately informed the sultan. The Sultan had balls thrown and immediately greeted the daughter of the king of Yemen. As soon as she saw the girl, she fell in love and got married in a wedding that lasted for forty days and forty nights. Instead of firing his vizier, he made Keloğlan his vizier and gave a lot of gold and thanked him. If they have fulfilled your wish, let us get out of the house.


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