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In ancient times, there was a very poor man living in the village. This poor man has always gone wrong. He had no chance. The man who worked hard but did not have any money despite doing his best would be very sorry for this situation. Even though he worked morning and evening, the man who had no money left could not find a solution to what to do. One day, when this man who did a job for a rich man went to the rich man to get his money, the rich man ‘I liked your work very much. You are a good person. And even if you are hardworking, he said and gave his money and said, “You can buy anything you want with this money.”

When I see chickens in a market that has come to a fallen road thinking about what to do with his money, I buy a chicken and feed my stomach with its eggs. He said, “I’ll earn in money.” He bought a chicken and came to your house. He put the chicken in the coop and started to dream of the next egg he would find. It was morning, the man ran to the henhouse with joy. No eggs looked. He said “eggs” the next morning and started to wait patiently and laid eggs that morning. So a few days passed. What would the poor man see when he went into the coop thinking that he would find an egg that morning? He ran like crazy with joy and played. What happened? The poor man found a golden egg in the coop. When he shouted and played with joy, everyone thought that the man was going crazy with poverty.

Days passed, when the chicken continued to lay golden eggs, the man who had nothing until that day did not know what to do. He started to buy everything he could not get because he did not have money for years. He was spending his money a lot. Those who see this state of the poor man ‘You should spend your money carefully, one day you will have a need. They said ‘‘ take the opportunity you get so don’t go back to your poor days. But the poor man didn’t care. One day, he wanted to have so much money that he wanted to cut the chicken out of greed and greed to get all the six eggs in it, and he cut the chicken, and whatever the egg has disappeared.

Due to his greed, he lost all his possessions and returned to his old life. Your greed has come at a heavy price

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