MAGICAL DESSERT Once upon a time; In the past, when horses were servants, a poor young man lived in a country. This man used to be a porter and look after his sick mother.

The sick woman did not see one day. She had nothing but a one-room house, which her husband made by working, and a bed on which he put his head. He was also very sorry for his son. His son worked day and night to support his house. He comes home tired every evening and every time he comes to his house, he earns just enough to fill their stomachs that day, but he never complained. They would be happy every evening when their food won their bread.

In the evening, his son entered the house through the door with his bread and dinner bowl. He ran and kissed his mother’s hand. Asking him about him. He prepared his meals immediately. He sat in front of the stove, which had been fed with a bite of bread and a bowl of soup, and warmed with a little wood. The old woman was sorry for her son to work hard. He didn’t want his son to be upset. He wanted his son to marry and have a bride. He thought that his bride would be happy and his son would be happy.

 He does not know whether the boy is upset with his mother’s illness or that they are lonely in this world, he listens to his afflicted mother every night at the beginning of the January and runs to the city every morning to find a job.

His mother could not bear it: Oh son, I wish you had a life companion too. He started caressing his son’s hair, saying that our little house would cheer you up, if his best friend was someone who supported me. They both prayed the same every night and slept; My Lord, thank you for the blessings you have given us. Give us health, abundance, abundance, peace and happiness. In the morning, so that the sick mother would not get tired, his son immediately prepared his breakfast with a tray and left the house as he put his shells on his back. Their home is far from the city. He’s gone. He came across an old man just as he was climbing the hill. He was trying to cross the hill with a cane of a tree in his hand, his old coat on his back, and a bag of flour in the other hand. He ran and immediately went to the old man; Boy: My uncle said that you look very tired, if you want, I will carry your flour.

The white-haired, white-bearded old man sighed with the words of the boy: My son, I kept asking how to overcome this hill. There was no remedy in my knees or strength in my hands. He said I would be glad if you could help me over the hill.

 The boy bought the flour and put it on his sheath, then got into the old uncle’s arm.

 Boy: Uncle where do you go? He said I have never seen you around here before.

 Old man: My son, I am from the back village. I had a grandson. I used to make wheat flour, the room would take it to the city and sell it. But he recently got married; he went to another village and said he would help me, but days have not come.

Boy: Okay, my uncle, I will go to the city and I will carry the flour for you. The two of them arrived in the city together. The old man left it in a shop. He’s gone his way. He started to wait in the city square. In the morning, the day has started to turn. Neither came nor left. There was no carrier even a sack. While the boy was starving himself tonight, I was wondering what to feed my sick mother, and the old man looked at it. Old man: My son, God bless you. Did I get my money to sell the flour? I called you, I couldn’t see. Fortunately I found it here. Saying this is your right, he handed a gold. The boy did not accept gold: Uncle, I did not do anything. We were going to the same place. He said, “Is no money given for this?” The old man was very impressed by the boy’s attitude: Look son, this money is your right. I would give the same money to my grandchild who brought flour and sold it. You did not leave me difficult, help me and I will give you your right.

The boy said okay and took the gold. The old uncle said to the boy that from now on you bring my wheat and sell it every day and half of the money you buy is yours. I do not want a boy, even though he said he would help you with no money, the man did not accept him to bring it free. While the old man thanked and left, the boy returned to work. His mother was very surprised when he came to his house that evening with his hands full. While the mother and son had a nice cooked rice beside the soup, the boy told about what happened and his mother was very happy with this job. They slept with their prayers as they do every night. The boy set off a little earlier in the morning, stopped by the back village first. This village was quite large, but it had one mill, and it arrived at the end of the village in a breathtaking breath. The mill was near a huge house with its huge garden and its tiny door. The boy went home and knocked on the door and no one opened it. He decided to look at the mill. Also, the old man who looked, comes towards him with two big sacks. He went right next to him and took the sacks.

Old man: Welcome son. These are the flours you will take away and sell. We worked with my poor mule until the morning, but it was worth it. I know your burden will be heavy. If you want, I’ll come and help you. Boy: okay? Old man: ‘Thank you son. What more can I want from you. I want you to be successful at your job he said. The boy set off as he loaded both sacks on his shells. The burden was really heavy. The creek went very long, the hill went straight, but even though he was tired a lot, he finally reached the shop where the man was selling the flour. He sold the old man’s flour and hid the gold and made his way to the city square.

Waited, waited, no incoming, no outgoing. In his despair, an Arab came to the network. Shouldn’t he buy three porters and take the flour to the shop where he sells it! Once again the flour brought by himself was loaded. They set out to the net in the front and behind. They stopped in front of a mansion, but what a mansion; This is a mansion with big doors made of iron, knobs of gold, and a huge fountain with crystal water in its garden. Ağa passed through the garden of the mansion with colorful flowers behind them and came to the back door. The net knocked on the door three times. They opened the door and entered. He could not believe what he saw. They entered a kitchen, there were golden flower paintings on the ceilings of the kitchen and precious tiles on the walls. In the middle of the colorful marble countertops, a cook and his apprentices were cooking at each counter. In one, the birds were cleaned, in the other the vegetables were sorted, in the other a human-sized calf was wearing a bottle. When they were asking where to cook this, whatever they see, a stove big enough to fit two people in it was burning. The kitchen was so big and big that even the heat of the stove was not enough to heat the kitchen.

They came out of the kitchen and went down to a place decorated with golden oil lamps and marble stairs. This was the cellar, but neither the cellar was filled with food with cubes in cabinets surrounded by two-man-sized cabinets. On the ground, the cubes, which were as tall as five children, were gold. The boy was surprised where to look. Anyway, they left the flour there and went out again. Aga passed them to the door and gave their money. The three friends went out into the garden. While the two of them were leading the way, the young man jumped in front of a white cat. The cat crawled on his legs as if he wanted him to come with him. The boy followed the cat. The cat ran ahead and the young man came from behind to the backyard of the mansion. Here, the trees were very large and there was a golden arbor among the trees that shined like the big sun. There was nobody who looked around and the cat gave it to the pergola. The young man approached the arbor but did not dare enter.

A moment later, when he heard the voices, he lost his curiosity and hid behind the tree at the foot of the gazebo. A girl like fifteen in the sun sitting on a golden chair in the gazebo, the brightness of the gazebo was scarce compared to its beauty. While the young man admired the beautiful girl, he loved his cat, which came and settled in the room. When the voice suddenly came behind him, the boy was well hidden. An old woman came running with a snow-white blanket in her hand and wrapped her tightly. Beautiful girl: Thank you my nanny, but I was never cold. Nanny: “Daughter, you are the only daughter of this house, and you are my dear daughter. I know, you get bored of sitting at home, but is it ever going out in this cold? He said, “What if you get sick?” Beautiful girl: Sitting at home is so boring. I wish my father would let him, but the beautiful girl nanny thought a little bit when she said that I could drive around the city every day. Nanny: I get permission from your father, I have two conditions, we cannot leave every day. You will not go out in the garden every day in this cold.

The beautiful girl was very happy to hear this and promised her nanny that she would go out to the garden when they were not in the city. The two of them entered the house together.

 The young man returned, not knowing what to do in the face of the beauty he saw, had difficulty finding his way back and returned to the city square. Until the evening, she helped a woman with Sunday shopping and then headed home.

  The road had fallen, and he never wanted to go home. While my mother was thinking about what to answer if she asks about this state of affairs, she also looked at the old man’s door. Just as he was about to knock on the door, the old man came and opened it.

 Old man: welcome my child. He said come in, breathe a little. Boy handing all the money to the old man: The money for the flour is here. I will come and take the flour tomorrow morning. He said good evening to you, my uncle.

 Old man: wait boy, there are five gold coins here. You didn’t get your share. He said these two golds are yours.

Although the boy doesn’t want to buy it. Old man: Well, we said one gold per sack. This is your right. Boy, do you have a problem? He said that if you do not explain your problem, you cannot solve your trouble. But the boy did not want to tell anyone about his distress. . He is on the right track to his house. In the evening, the woman was delighted when she saw her son arriving with full hands. He asked how the day passed while he was preparing the table with his son and eating. He was very pleased to hear that his son’s business was going well. He ate his meal with pleasure and gathered the table with his son. His son was delighted to see his mother better than before.

A few days later, as every morning, he loaded the old man’s flour on his can and came to the city, then sold it and went after his own bread. The beautiful girl haunts her mind. There wasn’t any kind of work; “I think there will be no work today,” a car appeared on the street. This car is made of gold. Even the silk curtains glistened on the windows. While wandering around the square and disappearing again, the boy thought of the conversation between the girl and his nanny.

 Anyway, while such days passed, the golden car was often visible in the square, but nobody knew who was in it.

 Now four sacks of flour to the city every morning
He was bringing and selling. He started to save his earned money. He wanted his old house repaired and his mother’s face. Then that morning, when I was going to take the flour from the old man and set out on the road, “My uncle said,” Do you want anything from the city? Old man: son. My shoes are very old, there is a shop on the back street of the city, there are very nice shoes. He said okay in the young man and hit the road. He had gone straight from the creek to the city and started looking for a job by selling the old man’s flour. That day was very tired. He carried goods to a house and wood to a house, and although he was not able to walk with tiredness, he went to the street at the end of the city and started to search for the shop. He looked to his right and looked to his left and did not see the shop. The shop also had a variety of oil lamps, silk carpets on the floor, and satin covers on the wall. It was the kind of shop you could find whatever you were looking for, and suddenly a man with an old head could hardly see him. Old man: Here, son. Did you want something?

The young man said that the old uncle wanted two pairs of shoes from him and started to wait. When the old man had difficulty groping for the shoes, the boy ran and helped. He found a very nice pair of shoes on your uncle on a carpet and bought two pairs. An old man got on his arm while he was going to where they came from, and whatever he sees, a mold was a pretty big and clean thing. He bent down and took the shellac and put it aside. He gave the money for the shoes to the old uncle. Old uncle: My son, isn’t there anything you want to buy yourself? Look what nice things I have in my shop. Ivory combs, gold hairpins, silk rugs, atlas covers. Boy: Thanks, uncle, I don’t want anything. Old man: I see you carry the mold on your back, do you earn your bread with it? Boy: Yes. I earn my bread with him.

Old man: Well then look, this mold is very precious. With this mold, whatever you carry with your own labor, it gives you a hundred times more. Come, I will give you this shellac, it is worth three gold but I will give you one gold. Although the young man thought that his shells were very old, he did not think to buy a new one. Young man: My uncle said I cannot throw this shellac, thanks. In the old man: Why do you ancestor you earned your bread? But you said, come take this shellac and put in the things you earned and let someone make a face. The young man listened to the man’s word and took the shellac. He took the shellac and put the bread and vegetables he had put into his house to take him home, and set off on his way home. First he stopped by the old man and gave his money and shoes. He made his way home from there. When he comes home, what he sees is a lot of bread and vegetables, and his mother is confused.

The young man thought of what the man said. He immediately told his mother what happened and then showed the new shellac. The food had more than one meal. Whatever was too much for the young man, he distributed everything to the poor, then he hid his old shellac in a corner of the house and kept the money he had saved up to that day. He put on his new sheath and hit the road, first sold his old uncle’s flour, and then it happened. Once he looked at the Arab network, he was coming to the front with his two friends and the young man behind him, they were loaded with flour. They arrived at the mansion, piled the flour in the cellar and took their money and left. They both went out together in front of the white cat and they came to the garden.The young man hid next to the golden arbor and started to listen. Beautiful girl: My nanny, I can’t forget that black fat lad I saw at the square. I wonder if we go to the square again even if you take my father’s leave this day.

Nanny: My daughter. The boy is very handsome, but he is not suitable for you. You Pasha girl, she is a poor lad. Your father won’t give you to him. If you come, give up this love. Let’s not go to the square again. The beautiful girl immediately started crying. Both the nanny’s and the young’s inside were torn, almost revealed. By himself ‘Who are you to be a poor porter, and she is a vizier’s daughter. He said it wouldn’t work, “he hit the road, but he couldn’t forget his daughter either. He thought all the way; “So the beautiful girl would often get into his golden car because of his love for him,” he said and sighed. He put what he had in his sheath and continued on his way. On the way home, he first left his money to the old man. When the old man saw that the boy was troubled, he said, “My son, why are you so troubled.” He told what happened with the boy. The old man said, “Don’t worry, everything has a way.” Crazy bloody now takes a different food to his house every day. One day flour, another day, when vegetables come home, a sack of flour becomes a hundred sacks. He was distributing more food to the poor.

That day, his mother welcomed his son at the set table, they ate his meals first, then his mother told him about his problem: My son is at your age. Well thank goodness you win well. I got old too. Come let’s find a wife for you. Up there are beautiful girls in the village. I go and look and find a suitable wife for you, and then once we set up a wedding, I will be very happy.

 Boy: Mom, you’re right, my age has come. However, there is a beauty in my heart. I want it.

 His mother said that we should go and ask for it.

The young man was worried even more: My mother is the daughter of the vizier. She is a daughter of a house. He said that giving it to us would not let us at their door.

 Her mother was upset when she realized why her son had been so troubled for months, but she could not do anything. My son said, don’t worry, everything has a way.

The next morning, when the boy went to buy the flour, he found the old man sick. The man could not make the flour. He turned the mill with the old man’s mule and prepared the flour, then put the flour in the kennel and set off. It was a little gone, the creek was gone, the hill went straight and reached the city. He is waiting for someone who has come to the network after seeing that he sells the flour and goes to work; When he saw the young man, his face laughed. They immediately followed him, took two sacks of flour and arrived at the mansion. He left the flour in the cellar in mind, and he had a beautiful girl in his mind, leaving the mansion to see him, and the nanny was waiting for him in front of the kitchen. They started to climb the stairs next to the Nanny Boy. The young man, who has never seen such a place in his life, did not even ask where he went from looking around. Snow-white walls, doors with golden knobs, there were atlas carpets. Opening the door of a room with a golden door, they entered once in a while there was a golden mattress and the bed was covered with silk tulle. There is no one in the room who looked and looked, and when he approached the bed, the beautiful girl was sleeping sick. When she saw the young man in front of her while lying faded, her face laughed in her sick bed. The nanny approached the girl and took her hand;

Beautiful girl: My nanny, I think I can dream. Nanny: “No, my daughter. I sent the network and found it. Your father said, “Speak to those who come,” and left the room. The young man ran to the beautiful girl as soon as the nanny left the room and took her hand. Beautiful girl: My nanny must have told you everything. I The boy held the girl’s hand tight and said: I, the sultan of my heart, saw you in the garden of this mansion for the first time. He said I would bring flour to your mansion and told what happened. The girl was both surprised and delighted at what she heard. The joy of the two lovers was short lived. The young man said that he could not meet in secret and that he would always love him and pray for his recovery as soon as possible and left. When the nanny came in, the beautiful girl told what had happened. The nanny was troubled by two young people Will the nanny’s heart endure when the beautiful girl says that she cannot live without seeing her and starts to cry; ‘I get permission from your father, we drive around the square and you will see him.

Let’s come to the boy when he goes to leave the old man’s money, the old man told him: My son, I am very old. Even if you come every morning, we make flour with you and take it and sell it. He said that maybe this way you would avoid being a porter. While they were talking about this, the beautiful girl’s nanny also asked her father for permission to travel around the city, saying that if the beautiful girl wandered around, she would recover. His father, who could not bear the illness of his beautiful daughter, was in sorrow because he could not find a cure for whatever doctor he brought to him. She had a lot of trust in the beautiful girl’s nanny. Well, as long as my daughter said to get better and let her. Boy: My uncle, don’t worry about him, I come every morning, I will help you, he said he did not want money or something, and he headed home. The beautiful girl has never forgotten that she keeps on her way home. And of course, he kept thinking about what to do with the flour and food that accumulated in his house. On the other hand, when he comes home, there is twice as much flour in the house. His mother cannot find a place to put them. She asked her son what happened and the room told him.

It was morning. Delell had prepared the old man’s flour and set off. On the way, the girl he loves was thinking about what to do with the flour at home. An old woman who looked at once was walking with a poor horse-drawn carriage with difficulty and went to her; Boy: My aunt, where do you go to hayrola. The old woman was delighted to see the young man. Old woman: I’ll go to the city, son. I had a daughter. We used to make bread with her, and we would bring the room to the city and sell it. My girl had a baker forgot me. Well, I got old too and I have no more flour to make bread. I made these breads with my last remaining flour and I will take them and sell them so that I can make a living for my house. The two of them went to the city together, the woman sold her bread to a shop and then she was going home. Seeing that the young man is also selling the flour;

Old woman: She said, “Oh, I wish I could help me with some flour and even if I made bread or sell it, I would make a living for my house.” When the young man heard this, he had an idea. He was delighted to hear that his aunt also lived in the same village as the old man. While I was sending him on and off, he was thinking that even if it was evening, I would talk to my mother. While he was thinking about these, the golden car appeared in the square. The beautiful girl is inside, the lad is sad in the square The girl was crying because of her sadness and the boy was getting sad with her sadness. Come on, let’s continue our tale by saying that every problem has a solution; In the evening, the young man told the old man and his mother about the old woman he met that day and talked about the idea that came to his mind. Both of them liked the young man’s opinion and shot him on his back and said: Don’t worry about everything, there is a way. they say.

In the morning, the young man put two sacks of flour in his sheath and made his way to the woman’s house. The old woman was surprised when she opened the door and saw the young man in front of her. The young man gave the woman flour and asked her to make bread. He said that half of the money he earns from the sale of bread is half of you. Then he went to the old man and prepared his flour. When he put the flour in the sheath and knocked on the old woman’s door, warm bread was ready. He loaded the bread on the woman’s horse and fell on the road, first sold the bread, then flour. The next day she left four sacks of flour for the woman. The woman made the bread. The room has prepared flour. He took it and sold it. Although the flour in the house is not diminished, the old woman and the old man earn their bread. The young man was supporting his house without being a porter. He waits for his lover to pass by in the city square every day and then returns home. The day has come now that neither the horse nor the bread can be carried by himself. And when the old woman couldn’t afford bread, she had to help her too. While he was preparing the breads every morning, he prepared the old man’s flour, then baked the breads in the oven and then set off. Time and time again he decided to buy a horse-drawn carriage

First, he finished his work in the city and went to the mansion to see the beautiful girl. She asked the nanny and saw the beautiful girl for a short moment in the gazebo and said to her, ‘My business is going well, now I will make my own bread and sell it in the city one day, I will ask you from your father. But until that day comes, he left, saying that he would come in between and see you here. The girl, on the other hand, was very happy with the young man's words and began to pray for that day to come. Then he started to make the breads in the old woman's oven. After seeing the beautiful girl, she went to the shop where she bought the shellac. Even though he comes to the street at the end of the city, he cannot find a shop. He said that this shop was not here and looked to the right and left, and he entered immediately. He said to the old man who came to him, "I did as you said and saved my money, now I want a horse and a car from you." Young man driving car with a horse in the backyard He said that if the horse loves him, you can give it to him. .

 He went to look at the horse with the young man. The car was glowing blue and blue. The horse was as black as night and as bright as the moon. The horse loved the horse, and when the horse loved it, the man gave it to him immediately. But he added, he said that when you carry this car, whatever you make yourself or what you earn, you will find hundred times of it at home. The young man was very happy with this job.

 He took his car and headed home. He built a stable for his horse without sleeping until the morning. His horse was very happy about it. The young man and horse loved him very much. So much so that after selling his bread in the city, he went to the beautiful girl with his horse. They liked the beautiful girl and the horse very much.

 Then a fall passed. The money house of the young man is full of flour. The room had her mother set a table and invited the old man and the old woman to her home. Then he told them his opinion. He decided to buy a shop in the city and sell the bread there. Her mother would also help the old woman and to make bread for her. So he started to make more bread. The boy’s business was going well. It was loved by everyone. He has been heard of the country for his honest and hard work.

Young man every night said, ‘God, thank you. I wanted one. You gave a thousand. I studied one and you made it two. Whatever I had, you would go. We were two people and four. In one of my requests from you, he said, “Prosecute my love for me.”

He also looked. He has many shops in the city. He built a new one to replace his old house. He took the old woman and the old man with him. They both worked and lived together. This young man had no complaints about working hard. He had only one problem. He could not sleep every night thinking that he loved it beautifully. The beautiful girl couldn’t sleep thinking about her, too. The vizier father of the beautiful girl was also sorry for the beautiful girl who never smiled, one day her door was knocked. A man from another country’s rich heard about his daughter’s beauty and wanted to make her a second wife. Seeing this fortune as a good opportunity, his father said to my daughter if he asked my daughter to ask for a bride. On that day, the girl, who could not see the young man, was worried and the pasha father called him. Father put his daughter at the bottom of the knee; Father: Oh my beautiful daughter. Do you know, the rich of a country that hears your beauty has come and want to marry you. I know you will go away But it is a good fortune, and you will not be alone. The man also had a wife. She said she will come with you at her nanny The girl started crying as soon as she heard these. When his father could not silence whatever he did, his nanny took the girl and left. When they go to his room Beautiful girl: Oh my nanny. Whatever I do, wherever I go. I will not leave him and marry someone else. He said I can’t live without him.

Nanny: Although my beautiful daughter says there is nothing to do, when she could not convince her, they both disguised and fell on the road to the young man’s shop. The young man did not know the women who came: he said how many bread should I give. The nanny intervenes: Boy, we come from the mansion. He said we have something to tell you. The young man took them and held the hand of the beautiful girl who passed behind him. Girl tired of crying. What should the boy do? Young man: There is no thesis tomorrow, and my mother will want you at noon. He said that if your vizier father gives, we will be pleased with our destiny. The beautiful girl is very happy with these words: I am brave, should your mother come and want me, if my father does not give it, do not you say that I will die from my sadness? The young man, who had a meal in the evening, opened his problems to his elders and found the young man’s opinion appropriate. While the boy and his mother took over their business in the morning, the beautiful girl’s nanny went to the vizier. The vizier said that his daughter was sick. He gave up this idea when he heard that his beautiful daughter was sick with sadness that he was going to marry the rich man.

While his father was not with his daughter, his nanny said that the beautiful girl loved a young man and that this young man was a very hardworking and good person. Pasha did not want to give his beautiful daughter to this young man, but he could not bear the cries of his daughter. Then the boy’s mother came to ask for the beautiful girl. The vizier told the young man that he would give his daughter on one condition. When the woman came to her house, she did not know what to say. The young man was in curiosity. When his mother came and told him what had happened, he said: “What is easier than him.” The vizier’s condition was that the young man would bring a thousand sacks of flour in three days and make ten thousand bread with this flour and distribute it all over the country. The young man immediately started to make flour the next morning, as he carried them with his kennel and his cart, they became a hundred times stronger, and the bread he made with a hundred layers of flour became ten thousand with his kennel and his cart, and he distributed them by flying his beloved horse all over the country. Satisfied with the young man who fulfilled what he said in three days, the vizier called his groom. You were a very brave young man, my son-in-law, he must be smart and hardworking like you. He also said that he should love my beautiful daughter like you. She married the beautiful girl and the young man in a wedding that lasted three days and three nights. Let’s get out of their wish, Ay a. This was a fairy tale. Remind those who do not forget.

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