SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS-Pamuk Prenses ve yedi cüceler

Pamuk Prenses ve Yedi Cüceler


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen of a country.

 One day, when everywhere was covered with snow on a winter day, a queen living in a distant country was sitting on the windowsill while embroidering and she had a needle in her hand. Three drops of blood dripped on the rhinoceros.

 Looking at the drops of blood, the Queen passed through her, saying, “If my child is a girl, her skin is as white as the snow: her cheeks are as black as the blood, her hair should be as black as the frame of the window.” Soon she had a baby girl. This girl was a worldly beautiful baby with white skin, red cheeks and black hair. They named her Snow White. But the queen died shortly after her daughter was born. The king loved the girl very, very much. Although he never let her out of his sight, his country needed a queen, her husband, and her daughter, a mother.

One day the king married a very beautiful woman. The queen was very beautiful, but also arrogant. He did not even tolerate the thought of being as beautiful as himself. He had a magic mirror in his room. He would go to his mirror every day and watch his beauty. Karliçe: She would ask her mirror ‘Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful in this world. In the mirror: “You are my Queen.” One of the years when the king visited a distant land came and went. While the days passed like this, things changed when Snow White turned fourteen. She went to the mirror in the Queen’s room and watched the beauty of the Cat and said, “Mirror mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful in this world”. That day the mirror said: ‘You’re beautiful my queen, it’s beautiful but Snow White is more beautiful than you’.

When the Queen heard this, she was very angry and could not sleep. He could not eat a bite. He thought about what to do and what to do and made a plan. Then he summoned the pain and said, “You will take the Snow White to the forest and kill it there and bring me his heart and lungs.” What should the hunter do? The servant accepted what the queen wanted. Queen Snow White ‘I will send you on a hunter ride in the forest. Wander around the forest as you wish, the hunter will protect you. The princess went to the forest happily with the hunter, who was delighted at the kindness that her stepmother did for her.

Snow White, wandering in the woods with joy, was so beautiful and kind-hearted that the hunter couldn’t resist killing her, but could not take the princess back. If he took him, the queen would kill him. Then he found a way to kill the Snow White. In order to save her life, she pulled her hunting knife and the princess went towards the princess, realizing the situation and started to cry. ‘Why do you want to kill me? I did not do anything to you, he said. The Hunter regrets ‘you did nothing to me, my princess, but your stepmother, the Queen, wants you dead. If I do not kill you and rip out your heart and lungs and take them to him, it will kill me too. ‘ The princess was very upset when she heard that her stepmother wanted her dead. He was very afraid. ‘But why didn’t I do anything to him? The hunter said: “You are more beautiful than her, the queen cannot tolerate anything more beautiful than herself” and the princess pointed her knife. He could not kill the princess in his straightened point. She said, “My princess, don’t go back to your country again” and she left the princess and hunted a gazelle and took her heart and lungs to the queen. He said, ‘I did not kill the princess, but when darkness fell in that huge forest, an animal killed her and the place could be’.

Snow White, while running away in the forest in fear, found herself lost in front of a tiny house. This house is very small. The princess, who was desperate and hungry, decided to knock on the door of the house and ask for help. A table full of food came in front of him, when the very hungry princess approached the table, it was a table decorated with seven small chairs, seven plates, forks and spoons. At the base of the wall, seven small beds were lined up. Snow White waited for her hosts even though she was very hungry and could not stand it when there was no one coming and going, she bought a spoonful of food from each plate on the table. She thought, “I don’t want anyone to go hungry.” Snow White, who noticed her tiredness after eating the food, was sleepy. He’s gone to bed. Lying on one of them was very hard and the other was very soft. Even though he could not sleep in all such beds, he fell asleep in the last bed.

Then the seven dwarfs working in the silver mine deep in the mountains came to their home in joy. While they were sitting at their table and eating, they took a spoonful of their meals. Then biri someone entered our house. I wonder who they said? When they started researching, they looked at them all. A beautiful girl is sleeping in the bed of the last sleeper.

 First they were very angry, but the scholar ‘Look, the poor girl is very miserable. The waist that he was scared of something. She’s a pretty girl. Let’s let it sleep and when we wake up we’ll learn why he’s here ‘

 When Snow White woke up after hours, she also saw that the food was gathered from the long dinner table. Six of the seven beds are full, only one little man sleeps in one of the seats. He was very happy to see them. Then the scholar woke up in the dwarves and said, “Who are you, what are you looking for in our house?

The dwarves were very upset when Snow White cried and told her what happened ‘We are dwarfs working in the silver mine deep in the mountains. Nobody can find us. Stay with us and help us. Your stepmother said she can’t find you here. When the princess realized that there would be no harm from the dwarves, she began to stay with them. He was doing housework for them. The Dwarves loved the Snow White very much. Meanwhile, the queen believed that the heart and lung brought by the hunter belonged to Snow White. He joyfully ate them. For days, he wandered in the palace in arrogance, without looking in front of the mirror.

One day, he said, “Mirror mirror, tell me, is it more beautiful than me in the world”. The Mirror said, “My queen, you are very beautiful, but the most beautiful in the world is Snow White.” The queen got angry with these words and ‘Mirror Snow White died. I ate her liver and heart. When he says he’s the most beautiful and laughs. Mirror ‘Snow White is not dead. He lives in the depths of the forest with the dwarves. ‘ Of course, will the queen stop hearing this? Disguised as an old salesman, he took a tray full of ribbon and went to the door of the house where Snow White lived. When I get home ‘I have ribbons. I have ribbons of color, ‘he called. Snow White liked the ribbons when she got curious and went to the window. He opened the door saying There is no evil in this.

Act like a queen saleswoman and ‘Oh pretty girl how beautiful you are. Look, I have colorful ribbons, should I give you too? When Snow White told that she had no money to give ribbons, the woman said, “ Can I have a rest at home? ” Snow White agreed, too. When the queen sitting a little bit said Oh beautiful girl, you did me a favor, I am presenting you with this red ribbon and made it like ties wrapped around Snow White’s neck ‘Look, this color suits you very well. He said, “I present this to you, accept my thanks. She tied it up, ignoring Snow White’s objections. He tied it but did not tie it tight like that. When Snow White gasped and she collapsed there, the Queen moved away in joy ‘Now she thought that Snow White was dead at last.

As soon as he left, the dwarves who finished their work early came to their house in a hurry to see the Snow White. They also saw that Snow White is lying motionless on the ground. They realized that the Queen was coming.They tried to awaken the Princess of Snow. They tried to wake up and noticed the ribbon just as they believed she was dead. They said This does not belong to Snow White, let’s get rid of it immediately ‘. Cuts the ribbon and cuts Snow White awakened. The dwarves were delighted with this situation, and then they listened from Snow White who knew what happened. Those who came to Snow White as the stepmother of the bride told her not to open the door. Snow White promised to be more careful too. The Queen came to the palace with joy and stood in front of her Mirror and said: “You are beautiful, but the most beautiful in the world, Snow White.” Disguised as a very old woman, she lined up beautiful combs on a small tray, and then came to the house of the dwarves where Snow White lived. This time I have Combs ‘He started walking around shouting if I wouldn’t look at my combs. Even though Snow White saw through the window, she remembered her promise to the dwarves and did not open the window.

The queen looked and the Snow White did not come out. Then she started to complain ‘Oh, I’m very tired, I’ve been on the road for hours. I could not sell even a single comb so that I could earn my bread and go home. Oh, I’m very hungry. Doesn’t even give a water. He spoke tearfully tearfully. Snow White could not take it any longer and opened the window but did not go out. The queen immediately turned to the window; ‘Oh pretty girl, look how beautiful I have combs, I’ll take a bread to my house. I’ve been on the road for hours. I am very tired, if I sell a comb, I will return to my home. He said, “I’m a very old woman, please take those combs. Snow White is very upset about the old woman’s situation, but ‘Granny, I have no money so I’ll give it to you. He said, “Come on, go home and rest”. The Queen looked, Pamuk won’t be able to deceive the princess. She said Oh beautiful girl, I am so bad because of hunger. Take me in, give me a bite of bread, rest a little and eat my bread, then return home

Snow White said, “I can’t take anyone home, but I’ll give you a bite of bread and go there” and gave the old woman a bite of bread and water. The queen pretends to eat them Oh beautiful girl, thank you. Thanks to you, I came to myself. You would feed me and quench my thirst. I would like to give you a comb as a gift. Snow White said ‘Granny, thank you, sell those combs and bring bread to your house. While trying to close the window, the queen ‘Oh, well you did me a favor. Look, I have a lot of combs, that red comb goes well with your beautiful black hair. Admit it so that I can be at ease ‘when Snow White insisted on accepting it, saying` `Look, I’ll put it in her hair beautifully, ” and as soon as she dipped the comb into Snow White’s hair, the Snow White collapsed where she was. The queen turned to her ancestral palace, screaming with joy. He was sure that the Snow White was killed by a poisoned comb.

The seven dwarfs came to their home with joy, but they looked, Snow White was gone. They ran into the house, when the cotton princess was lying on the floor, and they didn’t run around looking for a ribbon. Then the comb in her hair drew the attention of the knowledge, and immediately removed it. Snow White is awake. He told what happened to the dwarves. The queen has come again in the dwarves. After that, they said not to help anyone but us to open the door, Snow White promised again. When the queen arrived at the palace, she went in front of her mirror and asked ‘mirror, tell me, do you have a mirror? In the mirror she said, “My queen, you are very beautiful, but Snow White is beautiful”. Then realizing that Snow White had survived again, the queen went crazy. He hadn’t eaten for days, hadn’t drunk, and made a plan and prepared potions, finally disguised as an old beggar and took a basketful of red apples and set out for the house where Snow White lived with the dwarves. Meanwhile, a handsome handsome prince lived in a distant country. When his father sent him to find a wife, he traveled from country to country to find a wife, and he heard that there was a princess as beautiful as her heart and went after her. But when he came to Snow White’s country, he was very sad to hear that the King was traveling far away and the Princess was lost while wandering in the Forest and killed by animals. It was rumored in public that the queen was the stepmother of the princess and that the queen had the cotton-hearted Snow Princess killed because she was jealous of the princess’s beauty. Hearing this, Prince Princess decided to find out what was happening. To the fallen roads.

When the Queen comes to Snow White’s house, I have apples and fresh red apples. My apples are very nice area. “Does anyone help this old woman?”

 She knew very well that Snow White loves the red apple. Snow white neither opened the door nor waited for the window. The queen couldn’t stand and sat aside and ate one of the apples. My apples are as beautiful as you, my apples are as sweet as you. Look, this apple is as red as your cheeks, I am sure it is as sweet as you.

Snow White ‘But I cannot open the door to anyone so bon appetit to you. ‘ said. Old woman: ‘Oh, don’t worry, I’ll hand you through the window. He said, “Take it, taste this red apple.”

Even though the Snow White wanted to buy the crimson apple to taste it, the old woman said ‘I can’t do it’ and said ‘Oh, don’t be afraid, it’s sweet, if you want it, I will experience it and bit the part of the apple that looks at it’ and said ‘Oh, my apple is very sweet’ heaped up. In the Queen, as she left, saying that you can’t get rid of this poison at last, the ground got dark and the princess fell asleep not to wake up. The Queen fed Snow White the apple she poisoned on one side. Unaware of what was happening, when the seven dwarfs came to their house, they found the Pamuk princess on the ground and ran to look for a ribbon. There were no people looking for comb. They could not find whatever Snow White was looking for, at that time, they said, “Snow White has slept and will wake up” and carried her to her bed. It was evening and morning came, but Snow White did not wake up. Scholar ‘The queen killed the princess. Let’s build a suitable grave for her. He said ‘find peace’. The dwarves couldn’t bear to bury him. They said, “Snow white is still beautiful, she’s not dead at all.” Meanwhile, Snow White, trying to find out what happened, encountered the Prince Hunter. When the hunter told him that the queen wanted to kill the Princess and left her in the forest, the prince started looking for Snow White in the forest.

The queen went to the palace and went in front of her mirror and said, “Mirror mirror, tell me, is there anybody in this world more beautiful than me?” When the mirror said ‘My queen is not prettier than you in this world the queen was overwhelmed with joy um I finally got rid of you princess. He said, “I’m the most beautiful in this world now. While the prince was looking for the Snow White in the forest day and night, the dwarves made a glass coffin and put it next to the waterfall, the most beautiful place in the forest, every day they watched him. They couldn’t get enough of watching her beauty. While the prince was wandering through the forest, he looked at Birde, and the most beautiful girl in the world was lying in a glass coffin. When the dwarves saw the prince, they came to him, and when he asked the Snow White to leave him alone, the princess was very upset that she found the princess she was looking for, and then listened to the dwarves. Prince: ‘I was looking for the Princess of Pamuk. I wanted to marry him and take him to my country. I couldn’t save him, but at least let me take him with me. He said, ‘Let it be with me with its beauty that does not fade. The dwarves accepted the prince’s request. When he slid the coffin while he was trying to take it away, it fell, and when the Snow White shook, the apple caught in his throat jumped and the Snow Prince gave the warning. The dwarves and the prince were very happy. The Prince met the Princess, told him that he was looking for her, and proposed to her. Thinking that she had gotten rid of the snow princess, the queen set out to attend the prince’s wedding in a distant country. He also saw that the princess, when Snow White was going to hurt her, the king and his men came and took the queen away, and the king who left his wife would exile him away. The king was with his daughter at her wedding. Meanwhile, when the queen, who escaped from the king’s soldiers in the forest, came to the waterfall where Snow White’s glass coffin was, she couldn’t see her way and rolled down the waterfall and died. Snow White was very happy. Their happiness with the prince is legendary.

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