ADVENTURES OF KELOĞLAN – keloğlan and fourty lıvıng sword

keloğlan ve kırk can alan kılıç


Once upon a time;

Once upon a time there lived a lazy boy. His father died early. The lazy boy lived with his mother. This boy was bald and very lazy. Come on, the fly on the face of the insect has no account. One day he killed forty flies on his face in one hit.

He was very happy about this and ran and asked his mother for his father’s sword. He took the sword to the blacksmith. He said to the blacksmith, ‘Brighten the sword thoroughly, and write the son of Ahmet Ağa, who received a broken life in one hit’.

The blacksmith did what he wanted. Keloğlan took the sword in his hand and started wandering like a wrestler. One day his path fell into the forest. He stuck the sword next to a tree and went to sleep under the tree.

This is the land of giants. The giants who saw the sleeping person under the tree came and took a sword and they were very scared when they saw what was written on it. They immediately prepared a feast and invited him to get along with Keloğlan. The chamber accepted this invitation.

When our Ahmet Ağa found his place comfortable, he stayed there for three or five days. The giants who were bored with this could not say anything. Collect the camels from them and they said, “Take Ahmet and kill the agha”.

The lame giant also said to Ahmet Ağa, “Let’s collect wood together.” Ahmet agha accepted. They gathered wood together and loaded their loads and when the time came to return, the lame giant said, ‘You take some of the wood and I’ll take some of it. Ahmet aga also accepted. He took a small amount of wood and started to stick it around the mountain. The giant could not stand and asked, “What are you doing Ahmet agha?”

Ahmet Ağa said, “I will load the mountain on my shoulder”. Hearing this, the giant said: “I carry all the wood”. While he was carrying all the wood, Keloğlanda walked with him. The lame giant could not kill him either.

When this didn’t work, they decided to drown Ahmet Agha in the water and kill him. They went to a stream and handed over their overalls. They said to Ahmet Ağa, fill these overalls and drink water. Ahmet Ağa was not there. ‘I’m not thirsty. He said you fill it and started to travel. When this plan did not work, they decided to poison Ahmet Agha.

They cooked it for him separately and put it in front of him. Ahmet looked at the network and realized that they would poison himself. He said “I’m not hungry, you eat.” The giants who are tired and can not find a cure anymore Ahmet Ağaya ‘Isn’t it time to go home now? They said

Ahmet Ağa, ‘I can go but I can’t go empty-handed, mom, where have you been all this time? He said, “Why do you come home?” He said, “If you give me gold with a horse and a saddlebag, I will go.”

The giants immediately gave gold to a horse and a saddlebag and sent the lame giant with him. They traveled day and night and reached Ahmet Agha’s house in three months. Her mother hugged because she missed her son so much. Keloğlan made his mother a cauldron of soup and put it in front of the giant. When his mouth burned while he was drinking the giant hot soup, he said ‘Puff ..‘. Being blown by his wind, Ahmet Ağa reached the ceiling. The lame giant also saw that Ahmet Ağa was on the ceiling and said, “What are you looking for Ahmet Ağa?” Ahmet said, “I’m looking for my father’s sword.” Hearing this, the giant: “Thank you for the soup,” he left. Keloğlan did not see the giants. Mother and son lived a happy life in their home.

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