the false shepherd



Once upon a time Once upon a time there was a cute little village in a country. This village had a sweet little shepherd. This shepherd collects the sheep of the villagers every morning and takes them around the plateaus and then leaves them all in their homes in the evening. One day, he got bored while taking the little shepherd sheep early in the morning and walking them around the mountain and grazing them. An idea came to his mind when he said whatever I do or have fun. He said I would have fun if I scared the villagers. He rushed to the village and started to shout in the middle of the village, “Come up, grow up, grow up, the wolves ate the sheep,” as the villagers hurriedly grabbed the shovel and came to the place where the sheep were.

They also saw that the sheep continue to graze. What a wolf in the middle. The little shepherd, on the other hand, looks at them and laughs at the villagers running in frightened fear. Seeing this, the villagers were very angry. Because the little shepherd caused them to leave their power and come back, they said, “If you do something like this again, we won’t believe you again” and they returned to their work. Come time and time again as he continues to graze his little shepherd sheep on the mountainside, he is bored again ‘there is nothing to enjoy on this mountain slope‘ ‘I get bored. Am I talking to the mountains? He decided to play games with the villagers by saying whether to have fun with the sheep.

He ran to the village again and started to shout ‘Come quickly wolves ate the sheep. He said run ‘. Although the villagers had difficulty believing at first, they came to the sheep as they grabbed the digging shovels as they fell into the fussy state of the little shepherd, and they also looked at neither wolves nor anything else, and the sheep graze alone. Just as the little shepherd was asking why he was lying, they looked at them, and the little shepherd looked at them and laughed. He had a lot of fun, they got very angry with the little shepherd with a waist and ‘We will not believe you again. After that, they called your name a lying shepherd ‘And they got angry and went back to work.

Days passed, while the false shepherd was grazing the sheep, he started getting bored. Again, while thinking about whether to play a game with the villagers, the wolves looked after the sheep and said “What should I do?” He came to the village by running. Sweat began to scream in blood and shouted ‘Yetişin sheep were eating wolves.

Seeing this, when the liar shepherd nobody believed him, he regretted the magnitude of his mistake. Villagers ‘See if you saw the consequences of lying! Have you seen how bad it is to lie! They said we were one of our many sheep. The lying shepherd, on the other hand, apologized to the villagers many times for realizing his mistake and apologized, “I will not lie again.”

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