güzel ve çirkin Beauty and the beast tale


 Once upon a time; Once upon a time, a rich or wealthy merchant lived. THIS trader had three daughters. Two of these three girls were very selfish. One of them is very beautiful. But not only himself, he is very beautiful in his heart. These beauties are good, good girl, her name is beautiful.

He loved his beautiful father. Although his father loved all of his children very much, he liked the most beautiful because the girl with the heart and the face was very fond of her. One day his father would set out to buy and sell something special to very distant countries for a great job. There was a concern in her helping her father prepare beautiful that day. “Dad, be very careful, I have a feeling. Can’t you delay this journey?”

If their sisters are ‘Dad, you don’t look beautiful. They said, ‘Go right back and bring us some beautiful dresses and jewelery’. Her father thought she was worried about her fondness of the beauty and then müş hugged her and kissed her daughter. ‘Don’t worry, take care. What should I bring to you when he comes? “

Beautiful ‘Dad, you are safe, come back in good health, ‘he said. Her father was very happy with her daughter’s words. He entrusted his daughters to each other and set off. Meanwhile, their sisters laughed at Beautiful.

While he was chasing the days, he spent his time taking care of the roses in the garden of his beautiful big and beautiful houses. It was time for their fathers to return, spring ended and summer passed, even autumn, but their father did not return. Now she started to worry and wait for her father’s way every day. Their sisters, on the other hand, did not realize that even the autumn was over when they were inviting party invitations.,

One day of the night, one day of the night, the beautiful car rushed to the door with the sound of the car standing at the door. He was his father. Her father looked very miserable and sick. As his daughters ran and ran for their gifts,beatuful got into her father’s arm and took her to her room. That his father could not sit down in his chair and bring gifts to his daughters. He said that his ships were sunk on the way back, and that he had lost all his ships and money.

His father is very sad and devastated. Beautiful ‘Dad, you come back and find the important one for us. Let her be together, we will do everything. ”For her sisters, it was not their fathers, but their comfortable rich lives. They left their fathers and started crying that they were left without money.

He comforted his beautiful father. Then his father lost everything. They soon moved to their smallest house. Everything was taken away. The maids are gone. But the sisters had no intention of taking care of their home, their father. Beautiful, on the other hand, started to sew clothes to her fathers to do what their sisters wanted.

Meanwhile, their father was very, very ill, of sorrow. He took good care of his beautiful father and helped him recover. Meanwhile, winter has come to their small but cute house. Everyone was delighted when it came to the news that one of his messenger father’s sinking ships had survived as the days passed in poverty and difficulty. He made meals for his father while his father was on his way. Tightly wrapped. His father promised his daughters to come with good news. Ne What should I bring to you when my daughters are coming? ‘ Beautiful did not want anything while her selfish girls wanted clothes.

While waiting for his father on the windowsill for beautiful days, his father was on his way back on the coldest night of winter. Then he met all the fraudsters on the way and lost all his money. The old man, who had gone all the way and was still empty, was very upset as he returned without knowing what to do.

The night was very cold and dark, the old man lost his way in the dark and searched for his way in the forest, his hands and feet began to freeze. While she was thinking that I could not go back to my house anymore, she saw a huge castle. He stole his doors in this deserted forest where he finds a place to stay in this castle with all the lights lit up and I get warmer. Then the door opened spontaneously. The old man walking in and walking around couldn’t see anyone. When he came to a large hall, he was very happy to see a huge fireplace warm up in the room.

As he went to the fireplace to warm up, he saw that a long table was equipped with taxpayer dishes. The food was so good, the room was so hot that the old man had not thought of anything ‘No one? I lost my way. When I eat these dishes; Is it okay to stay here tonight and rest? ” But nobody answered. The old man did not wait and started to eat the dishes. Then he slept on a bed and slept in a room where the fireplace was lit. He found his morning clothes washed.

It was adorned with beautiful flowers in this garden. Should you not see uniquely beautiful roses while admiring the garden! The old man said that if I take one of that beautiful rose and take it to Güzel, I will be very pleased and it happened the moment he pulled it off from a single rose branch. An incredibly ugly beast roared to the old man, while the earth moaned with the roar of a sky monster and the blackened house drowned into the darkness. The old man almost stopped his heart from fear.

The monster roaring: ‘I opened my house for you. I fed her. You did not settle for this, try to steal my rose. “I’m going to kill you now,” he said.

 The old man shuddered from the grove trembling ‘Well I forgive me. Since I knew my little girl loved the rose, I wanted to give her a rose gift. You opened the door of your house. You filled my belly, forgive my mistake. ‘

 The monster stopped killing the old man under one condition. One of his daughters, who will take the rose, will come here and said he will live here with me instead. No, when the old man escaped, the monster said he would kill him three months later and the old man’s knees shivered.

The monster gave him his horse back. The old man quickly moved away and arrived at his house in fear. The girls who saw their father were very happy. But when the old man told the crooks that he saved the goods and money he saved on the way, his daughters left him alone while his father left him alone. The two girls were very scared and ‘You bought the rose for Güzel. Then Beautiful should go and live with that monster instead of you. He said he would not kill him. “They did not talk about this again. Their father gave the Rose of Beauty. “My daughter, you don’t have to go, I’ll go three months later. He will leave you alone if I agree to live with him. “

Every day, days passed, Güzel offered to go. When the first days of the spring came, he rose to the castle of the beast with his father, who finally convinced his father. Although the old man had a hard time remembering the road, the horse knew the horse very well. Father and daughter arrived at the castle. When they entered the door was open, a very nice table was waiting for them. They sat and ate their meals. Although she is very afraid of beauty, she does not believe. Her father did not want to leave her daughter and leave.

When their meals were over, the beast appeared and said to the beauty: ‘Did you come here because of your father’s compulsion or did you come with your own will?’ “I came at my own will,” she said, her knees trembling with great fear. Beast ‘Say goodbye to your father should go now. Your father will be safe as long as you stay here with me. ”

Her father meant to take me, not my daughter, but she was so afraid of the monster that she thought she would do something to her. At least my daughter said she was safe and hugged her daughter and said goodbye. Beautiful ‘Dad, I’m safe. Don’t worry. Look, I am safe here, you take care of my brothers. ” While his father was riding his horse, the doors were closed and the beautiful big castle was left alone with the monster. Although he was very afraid to encounter the monster while he started to visit the castle he would live in, he did not.

When it reached the top floor of the castle, the door of a room was open. This room was very, very beautiful, as soon as you entered it, it looked beautiful, and it came from every corner of the room with the unique beauty roses that her father brought to her. He slept as soon as he slept on the bed with roses. Beautiful had a dream that night. It was in a palace with a huge garden. There was a man walking alone in the garden of this palace. He went to the man and ran to ask where he was, but could not reach the man.
When she woke up beautifully, she was very happy with the scent of roses filling her room. Many beautiful clothes, jewelry and shoes were left in the room. When he realized that his beautiful clothes belonged to him, he looked at all of them in front of the mirror and put on his dress which he liked the most. A very nice breakfast was waiting for him at the table. There were those beautiful roses on the table. Someone knew himself while sitting at the table, sniffing roses. Although she felt very uneasy about this beauty, she had nothing to do.

The beast came out after breakfast. ‘Good here, everything is yours. But you know it will happen if you try to leave here. Let’s have dinner together every evening. “I want to see your beautiful face every day.” When the beautiful asks “when will you leave me”, the beast with sad eyes “you can’t get out of here. “If you leave me, I will die,” he said. Nice did not understand anything from these words. “Thank you for everything,” he said

Güzel, who discovered another beauty of the castle every day; one day he was very happy to see a giant library in another room of the castle and see musical instruments in another. Each room of the castle is beautiful. If she says what she wants, she appears in there.

He spent his beautiful days in the music room, the library, and mostly in the garden. The garden had a unique beauty. When he was in the garden, he realized that the beast was around him, and he started not to bother him. When Bagzen said istiyorum I want to listen to the piano in the music room, he would listen to very nice melodies from the piano. Every day when you take a book from the library and want to read it ‘The gold gilding on the front cover of the books‘ My dear princess everything appears at your disposal Güzel After reading beautiful, she would disappear.

He was very happy to live in the beautiful castle. The castle gave him peace and beauty. Although he didn’t see the monster again during the day, he knew he was watching him. The castle is beautiful. Spending time in a very beautiful place every day while visiting a place in a more unique garden. Eat with monsters every evening. The only problem of the beautiful who gets used to the unique roses of his gift ethic; Your monster ‘Will you marry me? Are you going to stay with me? Even if you answer ‘No’ to your questions and take them to your room, it is the only problem.

When he looked at the beautiful mirror and thought about his father, he came across him. He also looked up and thanked his beast at dinner that night, and he was very happy with his brothers in good condition. He offered to Marry Beauty in the beast. Good rejected. As days pass by such days, while the beautiful takes care of the garden every day and says no to the beast’s marriage proposal every evening, the beast moves away from him a little more every day.

He took the mirror because he wanted to see his beautiful father. He said that he wanted to see his father and was very upset when he saw his father sick. In the morning, he started looking for the monster in the castle. Finally he found it at the head of the big fountain in the garden. He told the monster that his father was sick and wanted to see him. The beast said that he knew this but could not send it.

He was so upset but he was considered helpless. Every night when the monster said that he wanted to go to his father, the monster said that he could not send it every time. Days past beast no longer come to dinner. Well, she was not happy to be alone, not seeing the monster acting like that gentle gentleman. The beast leaves a rose in his room every evening and leaves the castle at night, and in the morning when the beast comes in, it disappears.

When she saw that her beautiful father, who was left alone, was left alone in her bed, she went after the beast. ‘My father is so sick I want to see him. I promise I’ll be back, ‘he said. Monster ‘Well you can go. But if you don’t come back in a week, I will die from your grief. ” He thanked the beautiful monster. At dinner, the monster gifted a ring to the beautiful.

Remember, I will die without you, my princess. ‘ Güzel also promised to return in a week. The monster said, “When you want to come back to me, take the ring off and put it next to your bed and tell me that you want to come here. You will be in our castle in the morning.” Well, that night she found a rose and a gilded note at the bedside ma Do not take this rose away from you, forget me, my princess. Don’t forget to come back to me ‘.

Wearing the beautiful ring and sleeping, she woke up next to her father in the morning. Her rose was right next to her. His father was very happy to see Güzeli. His father was left alone because his sisters got married and went away. On the evening of that day, when their sisters came to visit their fathers, they also looked at it beautifully, and unmatched outfits were in jewelery. Their sisters were so jealous of the Beauty, so much that she wanted her to die. They started staying there to find a way to do a good evil.

Meanwhile, he started to give his beautiful sisters whatever they could with his good heart and do all the work of the house as before. Her father was also upset thinking about what she did as she did. Then he said, “I have to go back in a nice week. Do their sisters stop hearing this. The beauty has distracted the beauty for so long that they worked so well that she did not understand that she had been there for two weeks. Meanwhile, he often sees the man in the garden of the castle, but he never catches him.

He noticed that he missed the beautiful castle and the monster that morning. He had a day of worry. Their sisters were waiting for the monster that would come at any moment. They thought, "If In the dream of that night, she was awakened by hearing that the monster lay in the pool in the garden of the castle and said "I am dying because you have not returned to me". He wanted to see the monster in the mirror in the morning and couldn't see it. If you want to go early in the morning, if your father is dying, let him die and be free. Beautiful ‘Father beast is not bad. He sent me to my house, but now I understand that my house is that castle. "

the beast comes, kills the Beauty”.

Then, when she wanted to call her face again, when she saw that she had two sisters in her hand, she immediately went and took it san I don’t think I gave you this ring. Why did you take my ring, “he said.

  We found this ring. When she wants to say and take away from us, she is not yours. Beautiful ‘This ring has not disappeared. What was your purpose? You wanted the monster to come and hurt me. She said çok and was very angry and took her ring and went to her room.

After spending the day thinking the monster, he said he wanted to put the ring on his bed and go to the castle. He opened his eyes at the castle at night. The castle was black. Everywhere was in ruins. Since all the lights are dark, he started to look for the monster in the dark. Nobody went to the dining room.

He started searching again ‘I am the monster. I’m the monster. When he could not find the monster in the whole castle, he started searching in the garden and saw the monster lying in the pool. When he realized that the monster, which he ran and took his head to his knee, gave his last breath, he started to cry very sadly. ‘Look, I’m here. I will not go anywhere anymore. I did not leave you. “He said,” I thought he had hardly opened his monster eyes and said, “He forgot me.” Will you marry me beautiful? She cried beautiful ‘I never forgot you, she said I will marry you. For the beautiful who hugs the crying monster and cries, the beast says “I love you”.

Then the monster started to shine and disappeared in the dazzling light. The castle is surrounded by all the garden lights and the man he dreams of is standing right in front of him. The man picked up the beauty and hugged it, then Beautiful, my prince, my prince, this is my prince, my country, a witch, turned me into a monster. If I love a woman and marry me, I would return to normal. You really loved me, you shed tears for me, I got rid of it. “

They were beautiful and the king got married. They have become the prince and princess, which everyone loves very much. The sisters of the beautiful turned into jealousy, while the beautiful queen monster turned into a good-hearted king. We came to the end of another fairy tale.

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