lıttle sheep SMALL SHEPHERD tale

lıttel sheer


Once upon a time there was a beautiful green village in a country. This village had a very smart shepherd. This shepherd was so clever that he answered any question asked. When the intelligence of this smart shepherd was heard all over the country, he heard about his king. The king called the shepherd to the palace, which he was very curious about. The wise shepherd was thrilled to hear the king calling him. He set out immediately and came to the palace. When he went to the king, the king was sitting on his throne. When he saw the wise shepherd of the king sitting on his throne of magnificence, he said, “Come on, the sane shepherd is answering all the questions asked to you. I will ask you three questions. If you know, I will make you one of the most important men of the country and you will live in the palace” and started to ask his questions;

‘How many drops of water are in which sea on earth? ‘ said. The little shepherd answered the question immediately, “To find out, my king, it is necessary to follow the natural water sources and clouds that feed the seas. Raindrops drop from the clouds into the sea and the water flowing from the streams pours into the seas. If we control these natural water resources, we can find out how many water drops are in the sea. It will be very difficult to do, ”he said. Hearing this, the king liked the answer of the wise shepherd and moved on to the second question. ‘How long is Infinity in the universe? ‘ he asked.

The wise shepherd thinks for a short time that the distance of the “King’s Kafdağı” is 1 hour, its depth is 1 hour, and its width is 1 hour, and therefore the Phoenix comes to Kafdağı every hundred years. When the Phoenix has finished pecking its head, exactly 1 second has passed. Thus, 1 second passes in infinity in the universe. The king was very surprised by the wise shepherd’s answer and was very curious about his answer to the third question. He immediately asked the third question. He asked, “How Many Stars Are There in the Sky?”

The wise shepherd asked for a large paper and a pen before answering. They brought it immediately. The smart shepherd has put many points on the paper. Then he asked them to count these points. Nobody counted. Upon this, the king, who was curious, got up from his throne and came to count the points on the paper. Whatever he did, he could not count. When the wise shepherd sees this ‘My king, how many points I drew here, there are as many stars in the sky. It is up to you to count, he said.

 The king liked the answer of the wise shepherd. “Well done, you are very clever, you answered all three questions correctly. You will now be in the most important figures of this country. The king made the little shepherd from the members of the divan. While taking important decisions, he decided that the shepherd should take part in the high council. After that day, the little shepherd started to live in the palace.

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