AUGUST INSECT AND ANT TALE

Once upon a time there were two neighbors living in a forest country. One of the neighbors was a small ant and the other a cicada. He wrote from the seasons. The cicada played the reed and sang under a tree. While everyone was having fun with his music, he was very satisfied with his room life. He was laughing and having fun. Meanwhile, the little ant was working day and night and preparing for the winter. Our lazy cicada only spent the day while the ant worked and struggled to get through the winter with sweat and sweat. One day, one day, the ant was tired and tired while carrying wood to his house, and his neighbor cicada was sitting on a tree branch playing his reed and singing. He could not stand and said, “What are you doing, neighbor?”

The cicada laughed and said, “What am I doing, my neighbor?

 Ant ‘Neighbor summer is beautiful, but remember, it is winter after summer. What will you eat and drink when winter comes? You have to prepare for the winter ‘he said.

 The cicada started to laugh and said “no need, my neighbor, look, everything is there”.

 The ant said ‘You know, my neighbor, but it is winter after August, I think it is time to start thinking about winter‘ and headed home.

 The cicada laughed from behind the ant and continued to play its reed and have fun.

 Days and months have passed, winter has come. The cicada saw that the weather is very cold, the trees are dry Everyone is withdrawn to their homes. They live and go in their houses with hot chimneys. The cicada fled from the cold and took shelter in their house, “I would burn my stove and get warm, there was nothing.” Maybe if I ate something I would get hot, I was hungry ‘he said. There is nothing to eat at home. The lazy cicada looked, there is no cure, and started to sit in his cold house.

 Time has passed. When the cicada could not stand the cold and hunger, she thought of her neighbor ant. He immediately knocked on the door of his run.

The ant thought about who is knocking on the door in winter. He opened the door and looked at the cicada in a miserable condition ‘My neighbor did something happen. “What the hell is this on this winter’s day?” He said. Cicada in a miserable condition ‘My neighbor, I couldn’t find anything in the house. I was going to ask you for something to eat. He said, “I work and pay in August.” The ant looked at his neighbor thoughtfully ‘My neighbor, why don’t you have anything to eat. What have you done all summer? ‘ said. Cicada couldn’t say I was lazy all summer long. He said, “Well, I sang all summer, I played the saz,” embarrassed.

The ant is angry ‘If you are lazy, I also worked for the winter. Didn’t I tell you that winter will come? . Didn’t you prepare for the winter? ”He said.

 The cicada more embarrassed and bored said, “I have not prepared for the winter, but if you give me food, I will give it back to you in August.”

 The ant is more angry ‘If you did not prepare. You will bear what you did. If you spent the summer singing. He said to spend the winter singing too.

 The cicada remained so with the mistake he made.

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