magıc beans tale

Sihirli Fasulyeler
                        MAGIC BEANS
Once upon a time; A lazy child lived in a country with his mother. When her husband died, the woman looked at her son for what or not, but his son was so lazy that he would never work. His mother, whose money had run out, was thinking about what to do, and decided to sell the only solution. He gave the milk white cow to his son and said, "Milk white was our only source of income, but whatever you do, we have no money left. You don't work either. At least take the milk white to the market, sell it at a good price, let's live without hunger for a while. The lazy boy took the cow, went a little way on the fallen roads, he came across a strange old man and looked at the cow and he liked it very much. How many gold would you give the lazy boy? When the man took five beans out of his pocket, the boy laughed and wanted to leave. Man ‘These beans are magic. He said, "Let me give you these, and give me the cow." When the lazy boy heard that the beans were magical, he immediately gave the cow and took the beans.

Just got home ‘Buy mother milk white. He said, “I did a very good thing.” He told what happened next to his mother. Her mother was so angry that she threw the beans out of the window. Throwing the pan at his son. He told him not to leave his room.

  With the first light of the morning, the lazy boy woke up to see a giant plant in his garden. He looked and looked. It was neither like a tree, nor anything else, then the old man’s beans came to mind. Without thinking, he started climbing the giant bean.

 He climbed up. Tired, he just decided to give up and go back and looked very high. He continued on his way. Finally he came to a country to climb. Everything was very, very big in the country between these clouds. He walked past the fields. His stomach is also very hungry. He said, “If I were home now, I would eat my mother’s food.”

He walked, and looked, a big house ran and knocked on its door. A giant woman opened the door. The lazy boy is very scared but his stomach is very hungry ‘My stomach is very hungry, is there anything to eat? ' said. The woman said ‘Come and eat inside, but hide when my husband comes and sees you, his favorite thing to eat is to eat the children immediately. Anyway, while the lazy boy was eating what he put in front of the woman, a sudden noise and ‘Fee Fi FO fum. I smell a child. It would be nice to eat them if they were dead. I grind the bones, I make bread. ”A voice was heard saying. The woman said to the lazy boy“ Quickly hide in the oven ”. When her husband comes in ‘What a child, darling. You smelled the meat I gave to the cat yesterday. Come and eat it anyway. After they ate together, the giant purse started counting the gold coins. He saw it in the lazy boy. While counting the giant gold coins, he was sleepy and fell asleep. As soon as he slept, the Lazy boy came out of his hiding place and ran away as he took a bag of gold. First he threw the gold down the bean pole. Then he descended on his own.

When her mother saw the gold, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Both of them were very happy and then they started to live a good life by spending the gold. Days passed, golds are gone.

 The lazy boy climbed the bean pole again. He knocked on the door. He said, “Well, am I too hungry to eat?” The woman is looking at her with suspicion this time ‘When you came last time, we lost a purse of gold, you don’t know right? ‘ said. The lazy boy ‘When he touched no, he took in and gave food

 While the lazy boy was eating, the voice of the giant was heard again ‘Fee FI Fo Fum I smell a child. It would be nice to eat it, “he said. The woman said, “Hide in the oven immediately.” The lazy boy immediately hid in the oven. The giant’s wife came in and said, “What is my life, you smell the boiled chicken you ate last night”. Then the husband and wife sat down and ate, then the giant said, ‘Bring me my chicken. When the woman placed the chicken in front of the giant and ordered the giant chicken, “Lay eggs,” the chicken began to lay eggs in fear. What can the lazy boy see? The chicken lays a golden egg. Of course, when the lazy boy stopped, he took the chicken to his house as he did when the giant slept.

 When his mother saw that her son was coming with the chicken, she didn’t believe her eyes. He said, “It is better than nothing, we can sell the more eggs”. The lazy boy said laughing, “Mom, this is not your knowledge of the chickens, and put the chicken on the table and said,” Lay an egg. “” When the chicken laid a golden egg, his mother couldn’t believe his eyes. He was very happy. Meanwhile, he realized that his giant chicken was stolen, and he could find neither the chicken nor the one who stole it, even though he searched everywhere.

The mother and son lived happily looking at their chickens like their eyes. The lazy boy decided to climb the beans again and buy another valuable thing from the giant. This time, when he left, he did not knock on the door, entered the house hiding and then hid in the copper cauldron. Meanwhile, he entered the giant house with the smell of a Fe fi fo fum child. His wife ‘Has come again. Look at the oven, my husband is there. 'They looked at the oven, they searched every part of the house, but when they could not find the child, they gave up and the giant was very tired. After they ate, the giant took out a golden harp from his hiding place, then put it on his knee and said, “Tell me what.” The golden harp stole and sang to him and the giant fell asleep.

The lazy boy immediately climbed the giant’s knee to see the harp. Looked at the war, he understood that he wanted him very well and started to run away as he got it, but the war started shouting ‘Help! Hearing this, the giant woke up and went after the lazy boy. ‘I found you boy‘ Give me the harp back. When I catch you, I will cook and eat well. I will make bread out of your bones. Give war. Give my chicken ‘he shouted and chased the lazy boy. The lazy boy was so regretful of what he did. Without looking back, he hugged the bean pole and went down. When he goes down, the giant stops, the room starts to descend. The boy left the harp and grabbed an ax and said to his mother, “Mom, take the ax, come and come, the giant.” His mother saw the giant coming, the room grabbed the ax, they cut the bean pole and fell to the ground with the giant bean pole.

After that day, Anne and her lazy son lived happily. As the harp played, the chicken lay eggs. People started to listen to war. They listened to the beautiful music of the war for money. It was even said that the lazy boy married a beautiful princess. This fairy tale is over here.

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