Once upon a time ,in a village in a country, dogs turned a blind eye to wolves.The wolves turned into hounds from hunger. One day,he saw a wolf dog walking in the mountains. This dog was oily , well-bred, and bright-haired.the wolf looked , the dog lost his way, while he was thinking to himself, ”Attack, bitebite ”, the blood will take the body, ”He will give the head dearly”. What can the wolf do? ‘ You ‘re well fed.’ With the friendly dog.

Will the dog be on the bottom: ‘It’s in your hands too. Feeding like me. Let go of those forests. Listen to me . It’s not living, it’s yours. If it goes on like this, it’s your destiny to die of starvation, miserable, miserable, vagrant. How much sleep, what a comfortable bite and at the expense of your life. Say, “Come with me, there is the world,” he said.

The wolf got curious and asked: ‘What will my job be there? ‘

Dog: ‘Nothing… You will attack the poor. You will wag tails at the people of the house. And you will be indulged in your master. That’s all. In exchange for greasy daily , All the leftovers are yours .. Do you want my chicken bone or pigeon or quail bone ! Moreover, it is caressed on its back morning and evening. ‘said.

When the wolf heard this, he was speechless. There is a mark on the dog’s neck when he said that his eyes were filled with tears: “What is this?” he said.

The dog said: ‘Nothing’. The wolf insists on learning what it is: ‘Nothing but what? ‘ said.

 Dog: ‘It’s not worth saying. ‘ said.

 Kurt said, “Tell me, dear, I’m curious”.

Dog: ‘The collar must have a place. You know, they tie it once in a while,’ he said.

 Kurt: ‘What are they tying? So you don’t have to go wherever you want,’ he said.

 Dog . ‘Not always, but what comes of it? ‘ said.

 Wolf: ‘What? Everything comes out of this, he said.

 Wolf: ‘Let the flesh and bone be yours. If they gave the world, I wouldn’t be in this business,’ he said and disappeared endlessly.

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