Once upon a time there was no one, there was a beautiful little girl in time. This little girl has a beautiful family, a beautiful mother, a very good father. While happily living with his family, one day his beloved mother got sick.

Whatever his father did, the best doctors in the country came and looked after his mother, but his mother could not heal. When his mother left, father and daughter started to live happily. The beautiful girl never forgot her mother. Since his father was a trader, he went on long trips and found his daughter a little older each time he came.

When Cinderella spends her days waiting for her father in their home, her father will ask for what her daughter thinks that she has grown waste one day, that she is old and that she wants to marry in order not to be alone when she gets married. When the beautiful girl said, ‘Of course you should get married,’ because her daughter did not want her father to be left alone. Her father said she wanted to marry a widow.

When her father, who chased days after day, got married, the daughter became a stepmother and two half-sisters. The woman was jealous of her when she saw her beauty. Because their daughters were not at all beautiful.

His father works endlessly while chasing the days, but he cannot make his new wife happy in any way. His new wife was constantly inviting parties in their homes and was constantly attending the parties. To meet this expense, his father, who was tired of working man, was getting older every day. The girl was very upset about this.

Her father wanted to keep up with her step-daughters and wife’s expense, set off in an unforgettable season, and she wanted to do a great job and not to go again and to marry her beautiful daughter when she came back. His wife is your daughter, my daughter is entrusted to her on her way. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of it. “I will not separate my daughters.”

But the man never believed in his wife’s words. He also entrusted him to the veteran of the house. They immediately accepted the girl because they loved it very much. With a little relief, the man said goodbye to his daughter and set off. One night he gets news that his father has disappeared when there is a storm outside. Since then, her stepmother started treating her like a housemaid. The employees of the house, who protect the beautiful girl while chasing the days, were left alone when she was expelled from the house one by one.

The beautiful girl became friends with cats, dogs, mice, birds and horses after that day. Her stepmother had her do the job of the whole house every day. The life of the beautiful girl gets a little more difficult every day. After her stepmother told her that her money would not be enough for those who work at home, she started to do the work of the whole house to the beautiful girl. The beautiful girl got up in the morning and tried to catch up with her stepmother and stepbrothers until midnight.

One morning, her stepmother came to her room and told her that her daughters should stay in this large and well-heated room, and told her to stay in the attic. The attic was very cold. The beautiful girl lying on the floor had neither a bed nor a duvet. The beautiful girl fell asleep while warming up in front of the fireplace in the kitchen to avoid tiredness and coldness. Knowing this, their half-brothers named the beautiful girl. They called the beautiful girl ‘cinderella.

Cinderella passes every day in a shabby state ‘Cinderella… Is Cinderella ready to eat? “Cinderella is doing all the work of the house?” As the days pass unhappy and hopeless. One day their house door was knocked. At the door was a butler and an invitation from the palace.

The invitation also said, “All young girls of the country are invited to the ball given by the king in the palace”. Here the stepmother who received this invitation was very, very happy because;

  Knowing that the King wants to marry the Prince, the stepmother immediately began preparations. She bought new dresses, jewelry and shoes for her daughters. She spent all the money from her husband until the last penny. He prepared his daughters for the ball with the special creams and baths he prepared for Cinderella

Cinderella prepares her most beautiful dress from her mother, thinking that she can go to that ball. On the day of the prom, the cinderella stepmother and step sisters who had the girls ready for the preparation and housework until that evening came out in a hurry and put on their clothes. His step-mother is surprised when he sees his cinderella, while his half-brothers look astonished, and his step-mother and siblings start laughing at him. Mi Are you planning to come with us in this dirty and messy state and with that bad dress on it ‘her stepmother and mocks her; they left him there and went to the ball.

As they got on their horse-drawn carriages, the beauties started to cry with their beautiful faces.

 Cinderella was very, very upset. He fell asleep crying across the fireplace in the kitchen. Meanwhile, he wakes up with a voice.

 ‘Beautiful girl are you very sad‘

 When she said she was upset, that voice ‘Why are you upset? Or do you want to go to that ball, “he said.

 When the girl is looking for her voice, whatever she can see is a beautiful woman right next to her. While this bright woman glared at her, her cinderella was warm.

The Prince was right next to the sick Father king. While the prince does not want to get married, his father wants to marry his son before he dies. When he explained that he did not want his son to be left alone while running the country, the prince decided not to marry, but decided to attend the ball organized by his father. Princesses of many countries, who heard that the prince was handsome and strong and successful, also came to attend the ball.

The ballroom of the palace was decorated with colorful people. But the eyes of all the invitees were on the incoming princesses

Then the prince’s father attended the ball and the music started. While the Prince saluted the guests, young girls surrounded him.

Cinderella’s fairy mother asked Cinderella for a pumpkin. Cinderella immediately found the biggest pumpkin in the garden. The fairy mother said to me, would you like some help from your animal friends?

Cinderella asked her pet friends for help. They accepted. She brought four mice, two lizards and geese to her fairy mother. Cinderella and her fairy mother go out into the garden, and when the fairy mother touches them with her magic stick, the pumpkin turns into a giant golden carriage, the mice turn into a very beautiful horse, the lizards, the black-dressed butler, the goose, and the white-carved chubby coach.

When the mother of the fairy touched the shoulder of the cinderella, the cinderella’s dress turned into a wonderful blue dress, and shoes on her feet appeared. Cinderella turned into a wonderful fairy girl.

 When her mother put her cinderella in the car and sent it to the ball, she said, ılmasını Leave the ball before midnight ‘.

Cinderella flies from happiness and goes to the ball. As soon as he enters the Saraya Gate, the prince is affected by Cinderella and goes to him immediately. The King, who was not affected by any young girl around him from the beginning of the balloon, was delighted that this beautiful girl, who entered the ballroom as a light, followed him.

The king immediately sends his men to find out who the girl is. Meanwhile, when the king’s men were working, it was learned that the girl came from a golden car, and everyone started to say that she was the princess of a country. The prince went to the beautiful girl and invited her to dance. Cinderella, who did not know that the person who invited himself to dance was the prince, was impressed by the young and handsome man and agreed to dance with him.

The prince and the beautiful girl danced like a dream. Everyone watching is amazed. Nobody knew who the girl was while they were chatting.

Her stepmother and stepbrothers admired the beautiful girl who came to the prince while making plans to temper. Does the stepmother stop when she goes with her prince; He tried to find out who the girl was, by introducing young single boys to the prom at the ball as there were other groom candidates.

The girl started to chat with the prince in the garden. As the prince saw the beauty of the beautiful girl’s heart, she did her best not to leave her. They started dancing again in the garden of the palace. Suddenly he started hitting twelve while dancing. Cinderella was fussy and said he should go to the Prince. The prince didn’t want to leave him.

Cinderella is running to the carriage. At the beginning of the golden phaeton, the henchmen were fussy, the horses were cranky, the coachman was waiting for his cinderella. While Cinderella ran down the long and high stairs of the palace, one of the glass shoes dropped one of her shoes, before she had the opportunity to take her, she got on a shining carriage in front of the prince’s eyes and the full speed was away. The men of the king got on their horses and went after the girl. The prince is stuck with the girl’s glass shoes.

It was midnight while the girl was trying to arrive home in a hurry, and the carriage turned into a pumpkin, horses to the mouse, butlers to the lizard, the coachman to become an accident. Cinderella also becomes old, only glass shoes remain. Cinderella took it and wrapped it in a cloth. He took the pumpkin and made his way to the house with his friends. Meanwhile, the men of the golden phaeton king were unable to find neither beautiful girl nor phaeton.

That night and in many beautiful countries, the only mysterious beauty was the princess. Although the king searched the whole country and could not find the beautiful girl, he made an agreement with his son. They would try glass shoes to all young girls in the country. The Prince would marry him and come to the throne. The prince agrees. King boys let all the young girls check the glass shoes. The shoes from glass have never been on the feet of any young girl.

When the stepmother couldn’t find a husband for her daughters, whatever she did on the prom night, when she saw an opportunity for the glass shoes, Cinderella had her daughters ice feet massages and hot water treatments for days. While the buckets were not going to go to the country every day, the prince who gave up thinking that there was nobody left the door glass shoe, the prince who learned that it was the last house, took him to try out his own glass shoes

While the prince was coming to the cinderella, his stepmother found the place where he was hiding his shoes from the glass and took it away. He also locked his Cinderella in the attic. Meanwhile, the prince and the king’s men came, and the stepmother greeted them. Two girls did not try shoes. He wanted to try it himself. Meanwhile, Cinderella, who heard that the prince was down, could not leave the room. Crying.

Meanwhile, his father and his mother, his assistants, who were friends in their absence, appeared before the prince and said: var There is another girl in this house. This house is a merchant. This woman is the second wife of the trader. The girls are not her but the first wife of the woman. Begin from the country. The merchant has only one daughter. The merchant’s wife made her daughter a servant when the merchant disappeared and she was acting badly. ‘

The prince, who heard them, gave the order. The men of the snow came back and searched the whole house and found Cinderella locked in the attic. Meanwhile, her stepmother said, “I have two daughters, I have no other children.” The prince recognized Cinderella as soon as he saw it. Although he was tired and dirty, he immediately recognized Cinderella. The prince turned to the cinder’s stepmother and said, “If there are no other girls in this house, who is this?”

Woman ‘she is the maid of this house. What could his maid do at the ball? In that case, he said, “Join the ball.” Thereupon, the prince took off the glass shoes and put on the cinderella shoes immediately. One of the soldiers looking for the house brought the spouse of the glass shoes to the hiding place. Stepmother was surprised at what to do. When Cinderella wanted to tell what happened, the prince said that he learned everything from the staff of the house and said, yok I don’t need shoes to get to know you. He said ‘I know you in every way’ and offered to get married. Cinderella happily accepted the prince’s proposal to marry.

Meanwhile, his half-brothers ‘He is Cinderella. Shouldn’t they say ugly and ugly! Prince is very angry ‘he is very beautiful and good one. You are very bad and ugly. The ugliness of your heart has hit your face. “Do not come up again,” he said.

The prince left the decision to Cinderella, when the stepmother started begging, fearing that the prince and the king would harm them. The girl pardoned the woman on the condition of not seeing it again. Anyway, women and girls who sell whatever they have for the prom have gone to stay homeless. The Prince turned to the red-headed palace he was in love with at first sight. The king had a beautiful wedding for them for days. Then what happened, the prince kept his promise to the king and came to the throne. Cinderella was the queen and beloved wife of the king. So we came to the end of another fairy tale. Three apples have fallen from the tree. One for them, one for you, one for me.

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