SLEEPING BEAUTY

 Once upon a time there was a king and queen in one country. In this country, fairies and humans lived together. The king and queen were very, very happy, and their only missing part was that they wanted them to have a child. One day, the king and queen became a beautiful girl of the world.


Those who pass through a buckwheat field after a storm know this tale. The fields of buckwheat seem to be scorched. Once upon a time, there was a wheat field in front of the old willow.

tom thumb

        TOM THUMB   Previously, there was a very poor husband and wife who lived in a tiny hut over time. They did not complain about their husband and wife poverty, they were happy and their only problem was that they did not have a child. Husband and wife work during the day, efforts make their home, and at night they wish they had a child. One day, the husband and wife decided to go to the magician who lived near their home and ask for help. When the husband and wife feared a little and went to the sorcerer and asked for help, the sorcerer gave them a magic seed and said, ‘Sow this seed and start waiting.’

rose faıry

Once upon a time there was a land. This land was the land of fairies and fairies lived here. There was a big beautiful rose tree in the middle of this land. A little fairy lived on this tree. Nobody knew and saw the little fairy. Because this fairy was very small so no one would see her.

                      ELIGIBLE WIFE
Once upon a time, there were two rich men of a country when I was in the bazaar and my father was in the cradle, while the camel was a messenger in the sieve straw. One of these men was the owner of the country’s largest inns and baths. The other was the country’s largest cloth merchant.

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