Beremen Musıcıans Tale


Once upon a time there was an old donkey living in a country. The donkey can no longer carry loads and the road cannot go. The owner has now decided to buy a new donkey. While the donkey was upset about this situation, the owner said, “This donkey is very old, since we are going to buy a new donkey, there is no need to feed this old donkey, which is useless ve and stopped feeding the old donkey. He realized that the owner of the hungry donkey did not want it anymore and said “My owner does not want me anymore, I better go from here” and set off. While thinking about where to go on the road, I think of singing in “Bremen”. They would like my voice there. He said, “I won’t stay hungry” and continued on his way. Gone is gone. An old dog looked at it. This old dog’s waist is doubled. The donkey immediately went to the dog. ‘Dog brother, what’s wrong with your waist bent. Are you sick? The dog stopped and looked at the donkey and laughed bitterly ‘Oh donkey brother, whatever your problem is mine, I cannot go out with my owner because I am old. He left me because he thought I was useless. I am looking for a place to go, ‘he said. The donkey that heard this ‘Oh, the dog brother came to mind Bremen while I was looking to go. I will go there and try to live by singing. He said, “Come with me, too.” The dog agreed. The two friends continued to sing and sing.

The two old friends continued on their way, albeit difficult. They are gone, they are gone. They also saw an old cat lying sadly on a roof. The donkey could not stand and said, “What is your problem with cat brother?” In the cat ‘Oh donkey sister, I’m too old. I couldn’t run after the mice. Even the rats made fun of me. My owner said he wouldn’t want me when he saw that I couldn’t catch the rats. The dog said to the cat, “We will go to Bremen and sing and live, if you want, come too.” They joined them in the cat. This time, the three friends started singing with each other’s bad voices. They are gone, gone days later, when they were passing by a farm, they were startled with a sound, a rooster running and wandering towards them was coming. ‘Kuk ..ku..ri ..kuuuuuu! my ten came. What should I do? What should I do? ‘They looked at the cock, who shouted and shouted, in surprise. The donkey could not stand and said, “What is your problem with the rooster, why are you like this?” He started telling what happened with the rooster ‘I am very old now. I have the person who thinks I can’t handle the chickens uncomfortable with me He has guests tonight. He said he will cook and feed me while he seems to me. The donkey said, ‘Wow, brother of the cock, we left our homes, we will go to Bremen and sing there‘. When the rooster realized that the life would be saved, they were very happy. Now the four friends were on their way, singing.

Those who heard the voices of these four friends changed their ways. They traveled for days by picking fruits from the trees they came across on the roads and drinking water from the streams.

  They are gone, they left, they started looking for places to stay, food and food. They couldn’t find anything to eat around. Just as they said, “We are going to starve.” They also looked at a small hut. They approached quietly. Rooster, I approached the window and said to see what’s going on inside. He also noticed that there were a few men inside, a lot of gold coins on the floor. These men talked about the houses they robbed and had fun. Seeing a variety of dishes in front of them, the rooster ran and told his friends what he saw. They immediately made a plan. The donkey had made the plan, and they agreed, and they immediately came to the front of the window.

 The thieves inside were very scared when they heard the sound, then suddenly they looked at there was a strange creature outside. The four thieves were so scared that they were so scared;
First: He said, “This is a monster.” The second said, “This is a creature.” Third: He said “I think the witches raided here”. The last one said: “I want my mother,” and just as he opened the door, he ran away. The others ran after him. While they were running in the dark in fear, the four friends entered the small hut and ate a good meal. Then they retired to listen. Meanwhile, the thieves, who thought that the beast was gone, came back to fear. But four friends were prepared. As soon as the door opened, the donkey said ‘now and all of them attacked and started shouting, and the thieves, who were surprised at what happened, left for good. After that day, the four friends lived happily in their small huts.

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