CUTE FRIENDS

Once upon a time ; Once upon a time there were four puppies of a small duck family, one of which was very, very cute. On the same day, the dog family living in a house by the lake had two puppies. He was commanding his little puppies, but he was also a smart and good dog. He wanted to play as soon as he was born. The little duckling was also very soft-hearted and sweet tongue. She wanted to see the huge world from the day she was born. Since the mothers of these two puppies know the nature of their offspring, they wouldn’t take them out of sight.

One day, it’s time for dogs to learn how to run, ducks to swim. Their mothers started walking in front of their fathers. Just in the meantime, what can they see? while the dog family lives in the hut in the garden of the house next to the lake. The duck family lives in the backyard of the house.

 Duck mother and father dogs greeted the mother and father. The problem of the puppies was fun and mischief. Meanwhile, the cutest ducklings and the kindhearted puppies saw each other and loved each other.

 Take the duck: ‘Will this doggy be my friend?’

 Doggy: ‘Would this cute duckling be a friend? ‘. they passed through their minds.

 Let these two puppies consider their dreams, their mothers and fathers were concerned about teaching them.

 The duck warned the mother when she came to the lake ‘Do what you and your father did and said don’t leave us and looked lovingly. ‘ Then he jumped into the water. Although their siblings hesitated a little after their mothers, they jumped and gave the horse a jump into the water without thinking, and started swimming better than any other. He did not know how to get out of the water that day. His parents were very happy that the cute was such a good swimmer.

Meanwhile, he listened to his mother’s narrations in the canine and he was the first to do what he said. The duckling and the doggy, who meet every day, eventually became friends. The duckling would meet the puppy by the lake and play games around their home. He used to hide and hide in their favorite game. When the cute doggy was a midwife, he would immediately find the duckling as he put it with his hand. Duckling is also very surprised. When the duck was a midwife, the dog was hiding in such places that the duckling could not find it. One day when the weather was very hot, Duckling wanted to enter the lake. “I wish I could swim in that beautiful water,” he said in the dog. He said I can teach you swimming in the duckling if you want. The doggy was very scared at first, but he accepted it because he trusted his friend.

The duck first showed how to swim by the lake. He repeated these on the doggy. The duckling and the doggy went into the water together. While the duckling started swimming right away, the dog did not succeed, and while her friend was going to sink into full water, they caught up with her friend and then they started swimming together. Two friends who swim so well together have had a lot of fun. In a short time, he started to surface very well in the dog. One day, when his mothers brought the puppies to the lake to teach swimming, he was swimming with his family in the duckling. While the mother was telling her babies how to swim, the ducklings and the puppy were greeted while the puppies did not know how to swim, and then the puppy jumped into the water. When the mother thought that her very fussy child would not be able to swim and drown and shouted like crazy, the dog father and duck father came running, so whatever they see, the dog and ducklings were swimming together, the mother and her brother were looking at the dog in amazement. The mother duck laughed as if she knew the situation. While they were afraid of the puppy that came with them with their ducklings. As the ducklings meet their friend and start swimming together, the ducklings take a deep oh; this time it was time for laughing and duckling. Everyone started laughing when they started laughing with laughter. Then the mother duck father duck and mother dog father dog applauded the two puppies. Their mothers and fathers called two offspring. While the two puppies thought they would hear little by little, their parents were ‘you two became friends. This is a beautiful thing, always stay friends. Anyone can be friends. Remember, always help each other ‘said. The two friends were very happy to hear. They were together after that day. Sleeping together was their favorite thing. These two friendly summers wandered together on the lake and enjoyed the lake.

Mavi İlkay Masal.

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