ELIGIBLE WIFE

Once upon a time, there were two rich men of a country when I was in the bazaar and my father was in the cradle, while the camel was a messenger in the sieve straw. One of these men was the owner of the country’s largest inns and baths. The other was the country’s largest cloth merchant. One of these two rich men has a single son; the other had a daughter. One’s wife is understanding, lady lady; She was very fond of the other’s son and a little jealous of her husband. However, this rich man has met and become very good friends. The days passed together. One day, one day, the man who had a bathhouse realized that his friend had a problem; Rich man: My friend said no as if you have a problem. The other sighed: You’re right. I have a problem. I have only one son.

The rich man with only one daughter could not understand this either: Why can’t you get married or did your son like any girl? The rich man with his son sighed again: No, not your son, but my wife somehow does not like a girl to my son. One day, they tell a girl whose beauty is legendary, and goes to look: She says she is beautiful but not worthy of my son. One day, they tell a girl who is legendary for being a naughty person, saying she doesn’t know enough. I cannot say anything either, nor do I know what to do. The rich man with a daughter: Then he said to your wife take care of it yourself without quitting. Your wife will not like the future bride very much. He said to find a girl that your wife and son who fell to you would like to at last. After the two friends got into trouble, they made their way home. The man, whose inn had a bath, knocked on the door of his house and greeted the girl at the door. When the father and daughter went upstairs together, his wife was waiting for the man. First they sat down and chatted. The woman asked about her husband’s condition. The husband also asked his wife if she had any trouble. The girls are very happy to see this state of both, and because of the smile is not missing. The man does not take his only daughter out of his sight, and he has a long conversation with his daughter every night. He cannot get enough of looking at her beautiful face.

The rich man with only one son came to his house in thought. The wife met her husband at the door. He never missed his smiling face. She asked her husband how the day was and then he immediately set the servants a perfect table with a lack of bird’s milk, but the husband did not even look at his wife’s face, just saying yes or no. Seeing that his father was sick at the table, his son asked about his father and his father did not answer. When the man retreated to his room right after dinner, the mother and son were left alone. Woman: Son, like your father is sick, neither talks nor roses. Neither eats. His son also thought of his mother: My mother, I see my father have a problem, but maybe it is for his business. That night the man did not sleep. He thought that whatever girl he gets for his son until the morning, he will please both his wife and son. So he began to dream and sleep, sleepless nights. One day, two days and three days, and his wife and son became more and more worried, the man was able to find a solution: I have to bring such a bride to my house, saying that both my son and my wife will be friends. Then he released news everywhere. Meanwhile, let his friend get a girl to his son; Her friend, who does not separate her beautiful daughter from the bottom of the series, prayed that the joy of her house would not go away and that her daughter would smile when she went to another house.

Come time, go time. No matter how long the man searched, he could not find a bride to be friends with his son, his best friend, his wife. Why do you say! While his wife has been looking for a girl for her son, she has not left a door that has not been stolen. They said that we do not have a daughter to be given to you from the door every news released. The man made good decisions. He does not sleep at night and does not eat during the day. He did not open up his problems to anyone, nor did he speak to anyone. His wife, on the other hand, is very upset about this situation, she tries all kinds of ways to make her husband smile every day. No matter what she did, her husband did not tell her about her problem.

 The woman could not take it any longer and had her son call. Hearing this, his son, in a hurry, quit his work and ran home.

 The boy had entered the room where his mother was, panting, when his mother was sitting on the sofa on the windowsill, watching the troubled and troubled people outside. He kissed and put his hand on his head, my mother, you summoned me. I ran right away too, or are you sick?

 Woman: No, my son, not me, your father is sick. You know too. Your father hasn’t eaten for days. The sleep is not sleeping. He said he doesn’t speak a word.

His son said, “I know, my mother.”

 Woman: If so, it is your duty to learn about your father’s troubles. I will die if we cannot find a solution to your father’s trouble. ‘

 His sons felt sorry for both his mother and his father.

 Son: Well, when the mother says how will I learn my father’s trouble. The mother who thought of everything beforehand said: ‘My son, when your father leaves the house, what will he do and find out where he goes.

 While they are making plans, let’s come to the rich man who is in the trouble of his only daughter. The man would come to his house every evening and sit at that beautiful table set by his daughter, who floated like a bird, and took his beautiful daughter with him. She could not get enough of her daughter’s beauty, beautiful nature and sweet tongue, and would chat with her daughter all evening.

 Let’s come to the troubled father while they are happy. When he searched and scanned and could not find a suitable girl for his son, he spread the news. News has been given to the servants of the neighboring mansions to inform him of their home where there are beautiful-faced, good-natured single girls. He said he would give him a bag of gold to the one who informed the girl he was looking for.

His son, on the other hand, did not know what to do when he could not learn his troubles, even though he followed his father from work to home every day. One day, when he saw his father talking to the Arab agha at his side, he did not know what to do when he followed the Arab agha and gave him three gold coins and learned that his father was looking for a single girl with a good natured, good natured, sweet tongue. He could not tell his mother that his father was looking for a young wife instead of his mother. He thought and decided to dissuade his father from this idea. Let the son find a cure, one day the rich man. Here it is very helpful. Shouldn’t Arab Agha come one day in joy? Ağa: Sir, I found the beautiful girl you were looking for. He said that you can now marry our little gentleman with peace of mind. The man, on the other hand, could not believe what he heard and jumped from his seat and immediately came to the agha. Adam: Tell the net who is this girl. He said where is it? The Arab network, who was waiting for this opportunity, started to tell with the excitement of the gold he will buy; Ağa: Sir, the beauty of the girl is legendary. Huyu water is very good. He knew how to do work and was very competent.

Although he understood that he was waiting for the gold of the man, he became anxious because he could not get the answer to the question he asked;

 Adam: Tell the network what you didn’t tell me. Who is this girl from?

 He was bored with the network but when he realized that he could not hide it from more men;

 Ağa: Sir, the age of the girl was very young. Also, a daughter of her house was precious to her father. His father said, “I will marry his daughter to a good man.”

 Even though the man who suddenly flew away from the hope that had just appeared in him, he found the girl, but now it was his son who was standing in front of him.

  As his son came to talk to his father, he saw his father and the aga talking, and hid aside and listened. In disbelief, the boy continued to listen. Father: ‘It is good that the girl is young, now why did this father say that? Anyway, we will find a solution and get the girl. “As soon as he says,” His son could not stand any longer and entered the room from where he was hiding.

 Before his father could speak;

 Son: Daddy, I’m sorry, I came without permission. Father, I heard something, and I said I was a question for you.

 The man, who realized that he was listening to what he talked to the aga when his son entered the room, was very surprised by his son. He told the Arab agha to turn and throw out his gold, and motioned for his son to go and sit on the seat. His sad and angry son sat aside from his love for his father.

 Man: Son, tell me what comes to your ear, son?

 The boy stood respectfully before his father but did not say a word. When his son could not speak,

 Man: Son tell me whatever you say. He said that if you don’t tell, you can’t find a solution to your troubles.

Hearing these words, his son did not miss his opportunity; Boy: Father, I was wondering if you have a problem. I was wondering if you have a grief or a problem. You neither eat nor sleep for days. I feel very sorry for this too, my mother. If you let us, we would like to cure your problem. He immediately thought of a game that he was satisfied with the words of his son. He knew that his wife would not like this girl again. His son will not want it when his mother does not want it, this business will go on and on. At that time, he decided to open up this problem to his son and get his opinion and if his son’s answer was as expected, he decided to persuade his wife with him. It is true that I have a son problem. I’ll look for a wife. It seems that this will not happen because he brought news to the network today, saying that I could not find it in his search. The boy, who thought that his father’s words were the truth of what he had just heard, was very surprised and did not know what to say. The man whose son did not answer could not take it any longer; Man: This wife is for you. For years, your mother has been looking for a girl for you, but she can’t find it. The woman is very tired. Well your age has come too. Now I want to love grandchildren. Don’t you want a family anymore?

The boy was so happy with his father’s words that he was so happy that he could not stand still, but he turned red from his embarrassment. He ran right away and kissed his father’s hand. His father also showed a place beside him. The boy does not look at his father’s face: I heard you talk to my father, but I got it wrong. He said “do not mind my fault.” Father, I want to get married and have a home, too. As you said, my mother cannot like me a girl. Well, he can’t find a suitable girl. When my father said I would like to marry a girl you find suitable and be happy, the man took a deep breath. Man: Son, you made me very happy with these words. You’re right about your mother, she doesn’t like any girl because you have a lot for you. Oh I wish he didn’t do that. The network told me a girl that I would like to marry you off to the girl as soon as possible. The boy who saw his father leaving his word halfway and feeling sad: Dad, if you liked it, I liked it too. As for my mother; my mother can’t bear your sadness if you want it. My mother will accept the daughter as her bride.

What his son said was exactly what he wanted to do in his man. The man who understood that he was going to convince his wife and son was doing this part of the business, but he was saddened again when he thought about what would happen in the slightest problem that his wife might raise, as he wished that the father of the girl was very fond of his daughter. Although his son asked, he did not say his problem. He told his son not to say anything to his mother. In the evening, father and son came home together. The man did not eat again, went to his room early. When the woman went to her son and asked if she knew the problem of the father, the boy said that he could not. But he couldn’t convince his mother. The woman insisted a bit, but when she could not learn anything from her son, she realized that it was not right for her to insist and stopped. The man could not sleep in bed thinking all night.

 He went to his inn early in the morning and summoned the Arab agha and said, “Go find out who is the father of this girl and who is it?

 Doesn’t Arab network come with a smiling face after a while! The man spoke to the agha without having to say why this Arab keeps laughing: Mr. While waiting for the reward for the network, the man was surprised. How much your friend loved his daughter. ‘She remembers that she told them that she would treat her badly because she was upset by her daughter even if she cries one day in the house where she will make her daughter a bride. His son was also waiting for the Arab agha. When the Arab network did not go in or out, he got curious and entered his father’s room. He gave two gold coins to the network waiting for a reward from his father when he just sat on the sofa.

Son: Dad, didn’t you get the news you expected from the tree? He said, but there was no sound from his father for a long time. Then he left without saying anything to his son. He arrived with his friend. His friend was very happy when he saw him, and put him in the corner. They had a little chat and at the end the man could not stand and asked: What did you do? Did you find a suitable wife for your boy? Man: I searched for days, inquired, finally found a girl, but I don’t know if my son is suitable for that girl. The girl was very beautiful, very good. A daughter of a house is valuable. Friend: Don’t say that, I know your son is fine too. He is the good man who does not go out of his father’s word, moral and resourceful. A girl is given to your son. Man: Then I would like your daughter to my boy. The man was very surprised at his friend’s words. He did not know what to say to his friend, but could not say I could not. Friend: I love you. I know your son too. I know your wife from what you said. My daughter is one. I do not give a girl to the man who will upset my daughter. Man: My son doesn’t upset your daughter, he knows your value. Friend: I take your word for it. I will give my daughter a bride. She will protect my daughter at home and accept her own. By keeping him above his own children. He said I want a father who will not miss me.

Man: Your son is my daughter. Whether it’s my bride or not. It comes before my son. I take good care of your daughter. Friend: My daughter is precious to her mother. She laughs with her mother and cries with her mother. He chatted and befriended him. Her mother said she would not give her daughter to anyone. Man: My wife’s precious son. The precious of his son will also be his precious. Your daughter is my daughter and she is a daughter of her wife. There is no relationship between mother and daughter. But if they are the mother daughter, they find a way to get along. I always stay with them and protect them. Friend: Well then let’s see a son first. If my daughter is a young man who will appreciate, then let’s meet. The man immediately went to his shop. After pulling his son aside and telling what happened: Look, the son of my friend’s daughter is my own daughter. It comes before you. You won’t upset my daughter. You will know whatever you cook with honey and cream. You will do whatever he says. You will always take good care of your wife’s heart by not losing your smile from your face to your heart, your love and respect. After that, your spouse will come before us. You will go to your wife before your mother. You will ask for his sake and chat all the time. Kiss my daughter’s father’s hand if you can do these things now. The boy came and kissed his father’s hand: “Father, I promise that I will protect, watch over, love and respect your daughter,” he said.

Then Beech went to his father. Embarrassed, he kissed his hand first, then stood there until he let it. Thus, even though the hours passed, the man neither said a word to the boy nor did he let him sit. And it is evening. He turned to the boy and said: Come with me, son. They went out together, when they came under the light of the moon: Look, my child, my daughter is like the Moon, don’t turn off her light. Show respect and patience to my daughter as well as the patience and respect you show me. He said say hi to your father and left. The boy entered his father’s room in the inn with shy joy. Once, his father is waiting for him. He immediately explained that they talked to the man. Man: Okay, this is okay, but now we have to convince our inn. Now listen carefully, son: when I go to my room tonight. When your mother asks me about my problem ‘tell me my problem is to love grandchildren. When your mother said that she would take care of her daughter for you, she said that I wanted to take my friend’s daughter for you, but that my friend will give her only daughter a bride to a house that will be a mother, a father, and that’s why I am sorry.

The boy listened to what his father said and did as his father said. When her father went to her room early, the woman who wanted to heal her husband, who did not eat out of sadness, came to her son and said, ‘Did you know your father’s sadness? The boy told his father as he said to his mother. Woman: My husband, I heard that you wanted to marry our son and even you found a daughter for our son, but the father of the girl said that I would give my daughter a bride to a house that would be a mother, a father. Let’s go and ask for the girl. I told the girl that the mother would be a father, but the man did not believe it immediately. Man: My wife, who told you my problem? He said it right but said it incompletely. This daughter of our family is precious. The father asks his children to be loved as the most precious of the house in the family where he will give his daughter. Come, our daughter’s father ‘my daughter will be your daughter, if my daughter comes before your own son, then I will give my daughter. I can not accept this either. Because our son is our precious. But of course our son’s wife will also be valuable to us. Wouldn’t we be the most valuable when we were the mother of our grandchildren? Can’t you daughter be a daughter to me? The woman agreed with what her husband said: ‘My husband, you don’t worry. I will leave tomorrow and want the girl from her mother. If necessary, I will talk about our problems. Come, our daughter is now our child.

The woman had waited hard for the morning. She got up in the morning and sent her dressed husband and son to work and set off immediately. She was immediately admitted to the girl’s house. The woman was respected and offered food. The woman was very happy and surprised. After a while the daughter of the house came. This girl had as much as she wanted to bring the bride that her husband had heard and told. The girl was as beautiful as the 14th of the month, a lady or a lady, a smiling, friendly girl. He immediately liked the girl. He asked for the girl without further expecting. His mother said, let’s ask his father. The woman poured out a thousand kinds of languages ​​and convinced the woman that she would know her daughter, and was sure that the girl would be her bride.

 Two days later, the news came and the wedding preparations started. Days passed, days passed. The wedding has begun. An epic wedding was held for three days and three nights. On the last day, everyone was amazed as the bride was taken from the girl’s house and brought to her new home with her dowry. Mules of dowry moved into the house. The servant girls immediately set up the girl’s room. Silk cloths embroidered by the girl’s own hands were laid and silk tulle was attached to the windows. The floors are covered with precious carpets and atlas covers are wrapped around the Divans. They couldn’t find a place to put the beautiful fragrances of the girl’s chest dress jewelry. Lots of pots and plates are placed in the kitchen. Once the woman entered the kitchen, new items shine brightly everywhere. Anyway, the wedding is over.

The woman, who was trying to get used to her new home, did not make her work for three days. The girl had a very sweet tongue and a smiling face. He loved his new mother as well as his father. He treated them well. The woman, who liked this state of her very much, loved the girl. As the days passed he saw that his son loved his wife very much. But when the evening comes, her husband, who comes to his house, is talking to the bride girl, not to him. Servants and servants were moths around him. The bride and the girl have a prop around her, but what is it worth. Her husband and son love her, not her bride anymore. Jealous of this sweet-tongued, smiling girl, the woman began to think about what to do.

 Let us continue our fairy tale, let’s continue with this fairy tale, let alone fall ill with jealousy.

 In the morning, when her son and husband left, she let everyone and called her bride. My daughter said I let everyone today. Would you prepare dinner?

 The girl with her smiling face said: Of course, Mommy said, don’t worry, she entered the kitchen. In the evening, straighten her hair from the kitchen. She welcomed her husband and father. Afterwards, the woman set the table while waiting in wonder of what the bride was doing, the bride and the girl set up such a table alone that even bird milk was not missing on the table.

 The man could not stand when he saw that his bride was preparing the table alone, but he waited patiently. When it comes time to gather some delicious meals together, when the bride stands up;

 Adam: Mistress, who cooked these dishes that are not similar to our cook’s meals or your meals? Or did he make my beautiful bride?

The girl was ashamed. Let her be bored with the embarrassment; the woman did not appear, even if she was broken at these words.

 Woman: ‘You’re right, sir. My beautiful bride made the meals. Very resourceful.

 Man: My daughter’s good health. But we have a lot of servants, but if you had help from them, they had set the table.

 The girl was very happy with her father’s words: Father, I am very pleased that you liked my meals. Today is the day off of our servants. He said that I prepared our table myself.

 Man: Okay, girl, but you look very tired. Then his son got up at once.

 His son said: “My daddy, my wife is tired of setting this nice table for us, and I will help her to help her, so the job is done quickly.” The husband and wife immediately removed the table.

 When the woman could not achieve what she wanted, she set up a new plan the next day. Just as dinner was going to be prepared, he sent everyone to work. Then the bride’s daughter: My daughter, our servants have worked for generations. He said that even if you enter a kitchen, you can prepare a meal for the evening. The girl, on the promise of her mother, immediately entered the kitchen and started preparing food. He also noticed that there were no pots, plates, spoons and forks in the kitchen, nothing but an old pot and three old wooden spoons and three old plates. He started thinking what he should do. Then he had an idea. He immediately started cooking. When her father and husband came, the servants set the table. There were three old plates, three old spoons and a saucepan on the table.

When the man got angry with what he saw and immediately started going to the butler. Come on, the girl started to cry. The more she cried, the happier the woman was. The man and his son got upset as the bride and girl cried.

 Man: girl why would you be upset. I get angry with the servant, is it a table like this? Even though she said, “ Don’t be sad, ” the bride couldn’t keep the girl silent. After a while, the bride told about the girl’s distress.

 Come on girl: “Daddy, I cooked the food. My mother said everyone has a job, can you cook the food. I said okay, I entered the kitchen. I also looked and nothing. There was only this pot and these plates “he opened the pot. What should they see? On top of it, under the soup, in a clay pot, under it, with delicious rice, on top of it, chicken cooked like pomegranate.

 Man: My daughter said, did you just prepare them with these?

 Come when the girl says yes to cry and cry.

 Man: My daughter is the health of your hands. I saw neither a cook nor any other woman for your resourcefulness. I am sorry for you. Health of your hands. He said come on, let’s have our dinner. They ate the food, they were all beautiful. The girl who won the appreciation of her father and husband was very happy.

  That night, while his bride and son were drawn to their room, the man took his wife’s hand and started a conversation with him. While the woman was very happy with her husband’s attention, she was angry that her son went with her.

In the morning, when her husband and son left home, the bride’s daughter came and sat next to her mother and asked about her mother’s sake. Even if the two women have a nice conversation, and are satisfied with the attention, love and respect of the bride, will she give up her temper? The woman sent her bride to her mother and added all the servants of the house to her. Seeing her daughter, her mother was very happy and immediately sent news to her father. Hearing that her daughter was coming, her father immediately came home. She sat her at the foot of the knee and asked her for her love. Their daughters, who were longing with their father and mother, came back to their house as evening fell. The bride’s welcoming mother: welcome my daughter, you would long for your mother and father. I cleaned our house too. Oh my daughter, I was old and the work force was exhausting me. He said that even if you take the servants with you, you should prepare the meal together. Seeing that her mother was doing business and getting tired, her bride rushed into the kitchen. The bride was surprised at what she would do with the two maid girls who came with her. There was no plate or saucepan in the kitchen. They immediately looked at the cellar; neither flour nor bulgur nor a vegetable to cook, bride and girl did not know what to do. He sat on the ground and started crying. The servant girls were surprised how they could calm him down.

While the girl was miserable from crying, servants, cooks and sacks came in after the Arab agha. He greeted the bride and the girl and delivered the things that the brain sent and left. The men scattered around the kitchen all started cooking. In a short time, they cooked dozens of dishes and prepared the table. While they were preparing a meal in the kitchen, the husband and son of the woman arrived. When they both asked the bride and groom, Woman said: Come, my daughter wanted to cook for you with her own hands. But when he goes to his mother and father and becomes longing; meals are a little late. He said now I will get it ready. Before the woman left the room, her brides immediately set up a lavish table with her servants. There was too much food to count on your table. Even the plates, spoons and glasses of the table were golden. When the woman was surprised by what she saw: My daughter, where did these come from? I hid everything in the kitchen. Where did you get it and did these? Doesn’t it say that you had gold plates and you hid it from us? His whole family was very upset with what they heard.

Man: Mistress why did you do this? He said why add bitterness to our sweet meal and nice conversation. Bride Girl: Mommy, wasn’t I your daughter. Did I love and count you? Has there been a line in respect for you and love. His son said: “My mother, why did you do this to my wife?” The whole family was offended by the woman because of what she did. Let’s come to the secret of the Arab agha while his whole family is offended by the woman. When I ask her daughter if she is happy in her new home, I am very happy, dad. I am very happy with my new family, he said everything is fine even though there are minor problems. Her father got curious and made her daughter tell what had happened. Realizing the situation, the man went to his friend and made a plan with him. Arab agha and his father-in-law sent his daughter a gold dinner set, a variety of vegetables, fruits, meat and the best cooks of his house to cook. After that night, the bride and her two fathers built another house. While they live happily in their new home. The woman suffered for her jealousy by being alone with her husband. If they wish, let us go to the attic. This was a fairy tale. Remind those who do not forget.

Mavi İlkay Masal.

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