Red Rıdıng Hood Tale


In one of the lands, there was a cute or cute girl wearing a little red cape. Everyone called this girl a red riding hood. The girl in a red hood had a lone grandmother in the forest. Her mother would often send meals to the grandmother with the red hood girl.

One day, her mother made her favorite cookies to her sick grandmother and told the red hooded girl to take her to her grandmother. “You have to be careful with the animals while passing through the forest,” he said. The girl in the red hood took the basket prepared by her mother and made her way to the forest. As he went to play by singing songs in the forest, he also looked at the wolf.

Kurd adorable, kindly speaking to the girl in the red hood, saying, “Beautiful, sweet girl is very beautiful in the red hood.” The girl in red hood was very happy ‘thank you but who are you? ‘ Kurd ‘red riding hood I am a kindhearted animal living in this forest, I wondered when I saw you here alone. What does a sweet girl like you do alone in this forest?

The girl in the red hood said that her grandmother’s house was in the middle of the forest, that she often took her meals, and now she is taking her favorite cookies. ‘ When Kurd found out that he was trying to trick the girl in red, she could not stand the smell of cookies. He immediately made a plan and said, “I understand, sweet beautiful red riding hood, I have a good day to go to my house.”

The sweet little red riding hood did not understand who you were, and continued to think that she was a good animal, singing songs to her way. Meanwhile, the wolf had already found the grandmother’s house and immediately knocked on the door.

When the grandmother said kim who is knocking on my door ‘,‘ my grandmother is the girl with the red hood ‘. The grandmother went in with her baby, unlock it, come in, and swallowed the grandmother with her big mouth. Then she put on her grandmother’s nightgown, covered her frilly hat, immediately lay on her bed, covered her top and started waiting for the girl in red.

Since he knew nothing about singing songs in the girl in the red hood, he came to his grandmother’s house cheerfully knocked on the door. Kurt was very happy when he realized that the girl with the red hood came. “Who is knocking on my door,” said the water of his mouth. “My grandmother I am a red-hooded girl,” said unaware of the red-hooded girl.

“The red riding hood unlocks come in.”

 The girl in a red hood came in and sat next to her grandmother lying in bed. Her grandmother looked at is strange. “My grandmother is very sick,” he said.

 As Kurt tried to compare his voice to the grandmother’s voice, he said, “Oh, my red-hooded girl is very sick.”

When the girl in the red hood realized that her grandmother had a strangeness in her voice, she started asking questions; “Why are your eyes so big, grandma?” Kurd tatlı said my sweet girl to better know you. Göre Does the red-hooded girl stop? “Why are your ears so great, grandmother?

Kurd said tatlı my sweet girl bilmek to hear you better. When the girl in the red hood couldn’t get the answer she wanted again, why did your grandmother have so big arms? Kurd said yav my baby to better embrace you ‘. Even though the little red riding hood starts to fear her grandmother, im Why is my grandmother so big? ‘

Kurd also said the water of his mouth aka aka “to know you better,” and The Red Riding Hood swallowed in one move. Then ‘Oh I ate my sweet. When I got hungry again, he said that I will eat those cookies and he fell asleep in his grandmother’s bed, with his tummy full. Snoring was heard all over the forest while sleeping. Meanwhile, the hunter who hunted in the forest also looked at a snore; ‘In this forest, the voice of who snores such a person has followed the voice and has come from the house living in the forest

When the grandmother was sick, when she came to the grandmother’s house, she looked through the glass, the grandmother who made the snoring. He made a plan immediately. The grandmother and her little granddaughter, who also saw the belly of the wolf with his knife, immediately took them out and filled the rocks on the belly of the wolf and planted it in a beautiful way.

What happened next? When Kurd woke up, his stomach was like a stone. When he said I should drink water and left the house and went to the well, the hunter, the grandmother and the girl with the red hood were watching the wolf hidden somewhere. The wolf has hardly come to his head from his crying stomach. While trying to drink water, he suddenly dreamed of the well.
The grandmother and the red riding hood survived thanks to the hunter. The girl in the red hood did not let anyone fool herself. The grandmother thanked the hunter with the red riding hood. The hunter, the red riding hood and her grandmother lived a very beautiful life. Have a nice day.

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