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                  SLEEPING BEAUTY TALE

 Once upon a time there was a king and queen in one country. In this country, fairies and humans lived together. The king and queen were very, very happy, and their only missing part was that they wanted them to have a child. One day, the king and queen became a beautiful girl of the world.

Everyone was very happy and very entertained. Very nice music was played and very nice dishes were eaten and the gifts came to the princess. The people began to wait for the fairies to give their gifts by saying good wishes to the princess.

While the fairies gathered around the princess, the king and queen never leave their daughters for a moment, the first fairy said, “I give happiness to our beautiful princess as a gift”. I am giving beauty to our princess after the second fairy. ” The third fairy said, “I also give my princess a gift as a gift.”

While the fairies gathered around the princess, the king and queen never leave their daughters for a moment, the first fairy said, “I give happiness to our beautiful princess as a gift”. I am giving beauty to our princess after the second fairy. ” The third fairy said, “I also give my princess a gift as a gift.”

Then the fourth, fifth and eleventh fairy came and gave the princess a lot of good gifts. The only thing that happened when the fairy was giving the present was the evil fairy who was not invited to this invitation. The beautiful sunny weather has darkened, the dark clouds have turned the sun, lightning strikes, the lightning has fallen, the sky descending the evil fairy ‘There are thirteen fairy in this country. Why was I not invited too? ‘He asked.

Is King  like that? I told you to be invited too. He said there was a mistake, join you. ” On the orders of the king, the place was prepared on the table immediately and the plate was decorated with treats. Instead of being replaced by the evil fairy, he came to the princess. The evil fairy immediately gave her gift while looking for a remedy to protect the queen princess, who took everyone a fear.

The princess will die. When a fifteen year old girl is young, she will have a needle in her hand and die, and she disappeared. While his horrible laughter made the sky grow, there was a storm everywhere. The country is buried in the dark. As fear and pain settle in the palace, the twelfth fairy emerges, and she said, “I may not be able to save our princess’s life, but I can change this magic.” “When the needle is stuck in the princess’s hand, she will fall asleep for a hundred years and sleep with her in the country. If a man who loves him until the end of this period, he will not die. ‘ And he shook his magic wand.

Suddenly the sun reappeared, birds crowed and chickens started feeding. Everyone has been comforted by the gift of his last fairy. Many thanks to the king and queen fairy. The king country had all the needles collected and destroyed. And after that day, the evil fairy has never been seen. The whole country, fairies and king and queen have forgotten this event and started to live happily with their daughters. The days passed so quickly that from a moment the princess turned fifteen years old. While preparing for the birthday of the king and queen daughters, there was a sweet rush in the palace.

The princess was walking around the palace in joy. Then he noticed a room he had not seen until then. The golden key opened and he entered the locked door of the room with a knocker under the door, and when he entered he saw something very strange. An old or old woman was turning something round and doing something. He could not stand and went to the old woman. The old woman ‘come beautiful girl welcome come be my guest ‘and laughed strangely. Princess I have never seen this room before. “What are you doing here?” He asked the old woman and looked strangely.

In the old woman I live here for a long time. I make a rope here. He said I can show you if you want. The princess accepted it because she wanted to find out what this strange tool works for. The old woman explained how the spinning wheel was used and showed some. Then he said, “Do you want to try it too?” It happened when the princess was trying to use the spinning wheel and the princess fell asleep with the sting in her hand. With him all over the country. While they were sleeping, the evil fairy turned the roads to the country in the opposite direction. Nobody wanted him to find the princess. As soon as he left, the fairy godmother came. He did a magic to protect the princess and the country.

Almost a hundred years have passed. What many princes did was unable to enter this palace.

 One day, when a young prince passed by this country, he realized that there was something strange in this country and asked his men what was going on.

 They said that everyone in this country has been sleeping for a hundred years. The Prince decided to overcome the obstacles and enter the palace.

A little gone, gone. He crossed the impenetrable roads and crossed the forest. He overcame the obstacles he faced. He entered the palace. Whatever you see, everyone is asleep. While walking around everywhere, she could not find a princess, and she suddenly came to a room, and the princess was asleep. The princess is so beautiful, whatever she sees. This princess said her lips are pink cheeks, her hair is shining like gold. She said that she came from far away to see her, and liked her, and unfortunately she liked the girl who would not wake up again.

As soon as the prince kisses the princess, the princess, who has opened her beautiful eyes, once again realized that she loved the prince. With the awakening of the princess, the whole country wakes up from a deep sleep. While birds are singing, chickens are feeding, the hustle and bustle of the palace, the chirping of the children start the whole country. The princess loved the prince when he saw it. Prince te ‘my princess kissed you without your permission, but it must have been for you to wake up. Forgive me and marry me. ‘ Waking up with the kiss of love, she married the prince. The king’s daughter was married to a very beautiful wedding, while the country’s twelve fairies were there. The evil fairy went far without knowing what happened. While they were reunited, it came to life again in a country.

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