rapunzel tale


                       RAPUNZEL TALE

In the old days, there was a husband and wife who had no children in a country. This husband and wife did not have children. They dreamed of children every day. Come on, the woman realized that they would have a child and told her husband. Husband and wife were very happy. Every day they began to imagine who they would look like whether their children would be boys or girls. Days passed. One day, while the woman was watching outside by the window, she saw another beautiful lettuce in the garden of the neighbor house. This lettuce is different from all lettuce. The lettuce was shining golden in color. Inspired by the magical beauty of lettuce, the woman started to watch lettuce by the window every day. He could not taste the food he ate. The man who saw that his wife was cut without eating and drinking could not stand one day and asked ‘Do you have a problem? If you have anything you want, I can get it and come immediately ‘.

Woman ‘There is a golden lettuce in our neighbor’s garden, I want to eat it. I don’t want anything else he said.

 The man was desperate. As days passed, his wife was very upset that he did not eat. One night he couldn’t stand it and went into his neighbor’s garden, plucked a few leaves from the golden lettuce and brought it to his wife. When his wife saw the lettuce, he was very happy. He also liked the taste that was eaten immediately.

 But he still wanted to eat the golden lettuce. As days passed, when he did not give up, the man entered his neighbor’s garden again, but this time the witch met him. He was very angry because he took leaves from his lettuce without his permission. “They are my lettuce, how can you pick them. The man’s knees started to tremble when he said to you, I know I’ll do it. If you tell your mind that ‘my wife is pregnant, while the man whose knees are trembling with fear is thinking,” How can I destroy me? ” She thought she would forgive me. She said to the witch, ‘Well, I’m sorry, but my wife wanted this lettuce for her pregnant life. The face of the witch started to laugh and said, “Okay, you can take your wife as much as you want”. The man is very happy and will be returning home happily witch ‘But I have a condition. You will give your child to me.

What could the man do? He had to accept and got rid of the witch.

 Days passed and the couple had a daughter. Since the husband and wife did not want to give their children to the witch, they wanted to take the baby and go, but it’s not possible. The witch came as soon as the baby was born and took the baby away. He named the girl the golden lettuce and called it “Rapunzel.”

 Days passed, Rapunze grew up and turned twelve. Rapunzel, who was very beautiful with her golden hair, was shining brightly. The witch decided to hide the beautiful girl.

 He built a tower in the middle of a forest where no one could find it. Rapunzeli closed there. This tower did not have a gate or a ladder. The witch comes to the tower every day and calls out to Rapunzel and climbs up to the tower.

 Rapunzel used to weave knits in the tower every day and sang songs while waiting for the witch to come.

 Days, months, months chased and years passed. The prince of the country took a day stroll. While he was wandering, he heard the sound of a noodle and began to follow the voice. the sound brought him to the tower. The tower had neither a door nor a ladder to bring it to him, while he was thinking, “How can one enter here?” But his mind is stuck there. He started to come and go every day, but he could not find a way to enter. Such days have been laughing.

One day, while the prince was walking around the tower, he heard a footstep and started to hide and wait somewhere. The witch came to the bottom of the tower and said, ‘Rapunzel, give me that golden light-colored hair. Rapunzel climbed up, holding onto the witch with her braided golden hair dangling. The prince came back the next day and called out to Rapunzel as the witch did, ‘Rapunzel, give me your golden light hair,’ he said. Rapunzel thought she was a witch and the princess grew her hair. The prince climbed immediately. Rapunzel looked a handsome man scared. The prince admired the beauty he saw. When he realizes that Rapunzel is afraid of him ‘I am the prince of this country. I’ve been looking for the owner of the voice that has been singing for days. I found the tower but could not enter. One day I am here and glad to see you, but why are you here? Rapunzel explained that the witch was not her mother but the one who raised her, that she closed her here. Understanding that he did not want to lose Prince Rapunzeli, he said, “Will you marry me?” Rapunzel said “I will get married” because he liked the handsome prince. They decided to escape immediately.

But they couldn’t because how Rapunzel would descend from the tower if the prince was. Rapunzel said Bring a rope with you while coming to see me every day, I knit, let me make a ladder for myself ‘. The prince started to come every day and bring a rope with him, Rapunzel brought the ladder to the height of the tower. On the last day, when the Witch came, Rapunzel, who was hurt as she climbed up her hair, said, “Can’t you climb fast like a prince?” Realizing the mistake he made, the witch said, ‘You are going away from here’ when he realized that someone else was coming to Rapunzel and cut off Rapunzel’s beautiful hair. Rapunzel is very upset. While he was going away, the Prince called out to Rapunzel and climbed up his dangling hair, and the witch looked at the climb while waiting for the beautiful Rapunzel. The witch took advantage of his astonishment and pushed the prince down the tower, and the prince fell on the thorns.

The prince, who had a thorn in his eyes, went blind The witch started to laugh more than what happened. The prince lost his way and hit the road. He started looking for Rapunzel. Months passed between his voice that heard his voice. One day the prince heard the voice of a nymph and called out “Rapunzel Rapunzel”. Rapunzel heard the voice of the two lovers who ran together and hugged each other. The prince looked very badly, the prince was very badly on his feet, he was very upset with this situation of the tattered prince. When he told him, Rapunzel could not stand it anymore and started to cry from sorrow and pain, and hugged Prince Rapunzel. The two lovers were buried in sorrow before they could enjoy the happiness of my reunion. Suddenly, a miracle happened and Rapunzel’s tears had fallen into the prince’s eyes, and the prince felt something warm pouring from his eyes, and the prince’s eyes healed. Rapunzel and the prince have returned to their country. They got married and lived very happy.

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