lead solıder

Lead Soldıer

                   LEAD SOLDIER

Once upon a time there was a beautiful toy store in a country. Six lead soldiers lived in a dollhouse in this shop. Let them decorate a child’s dreams every day, one day, set up a toy shop, put the soldiers on display with their houses. While the lead soldiers were watching the people, I wonder who will play with us. A man saw six lead soldiers in the toy shop’s window and liked it very much and bought it immediately. While the toy shop was packing the lead soldiers, the man saw that one of them did not have one leg and said, “When the master who made these lead soldiers had no more to finish this lead soldier, this soldier did not have one leg.” The man said, “It doesn’t matter.” It was very nice to celebrate his birthday, and when it came to opening the gifts, the boy who opened his father’s gift was very happy and immediately showed his lead soldiers to his friends and played with them. Lead soldiers were very happy. The boy who went to his room in the evening put the lead soldiers in their boxes. The lead soldiers were very bored, only the lame lead soldier was reaching out, lifting the lid of the box and watching the surroundings. This has become a very enjoyable game. Then whatever you see, a beautiful princess is standing on the table. The princess is beautiful. She really liked this dancing princess with her arms outstretched. The princess lived in a castle inside a castle, and she danced in the air with one leg with her arms outstretched endlessly.

The lame lead soldier couldn’t do without looking at him. Then, in the morning, he took the lead soldiers out of his box and started to approve. The lead soldier was looking only at the princess.

 So as the days passed, his owner got tired of playing with the Lead soldier and put him by the open window. Then suddenly it got dark, lightning flashed and a strong wind came out, and the lame lead soldier fell from the window to the street. Nobody saw the lame lead soldier falling on the sidewalk, and even they threw it around, they were afraid that they would look at him.

 While I was afraid that they would step on me, it started to rain. There was water everywhere, and the pit where the lead soldier was located was filled with water. When the weather cleared, the two boys came to play in the puddle and they were very happy to find the lead soldier. They started to play with him, they thought of making a boat, they immediately made a paper boat and put it on the lead soldier, played with the lead soldier coming back and forth in the puddle, and finally they got bored and left.

The lead soldier just stayed there. Meanwhile, the wind came out and the lead soldier continued to stand upright in the boat. The boat continued to swim. The lead soldier, who was caught in the current and finally reached the river, when the storm broke out again in this secret, the lead soldier started to swing. It started to rain and the boat had sunk and the lead soldier started to sink to the bottom of the river. It was very cold and dark. Then everything turned black.

 When he woke up, he was next to the hot stove in the kitchen. The owner came and took the lead soldier and took him back to his room. The lead soldier immediately looked at the princess. He was standing in the same place. He seemed happy to see him.

 A few days lived the happiness of reuniting her house and the princess. Days passed, while the owner was playing with him, the lead soldier had only one problem with the Princess. Then the owner got bored playing with him. He didn’t put it aside and leave it there and never take it. Lead soldier was very upset about this Finally he locked him in his box, then didn’t want him there either, and took him and put the horse into the fireplace. Even as the lead soldier started to disappear in this very hot fire, he was not afraid at all, he was only sorry that his happiness was short and he would be separated from the princess.

Meanwhile, a wind blew and the princess came to the lead soldier, who filled the open window and hurled the princess, they hugged each other tuk we finally got together said the lead soldier. They were very happy and said, “We are starting a new life now”.

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