wolf and stork


Once upon a time in the beautiful forest of a distant country, one day a hungry wolf attacked the flock of lambs and grabbed a lamb. He ate the lamb in a hurry and started to run away quickly while he was thinking to himself, “Should I get caught before the shepherd comes?” But meanwhile, a piece of bone got caught in his throat

It was very painful and began to writhing in pain, running left and right. The pain of the bone, which sinks more as it moves, has become unbearable. He tried many ways to remove the bone but never succeeded. Finally, when I was going to the lake to drink water, maybe get rid of the bone, he saw a stork stands by the lake.

The wolf thought: ‘if I drink water from the lake, I can escape’.

Just go to him and say, “Brother Stork, I’m in a very difficult situation. Please help me. A piece of bone remained in my throat. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it out. It hurts. And I will pay you a lot more, don’t worry! ” he started begging.

The stork asked the wolf to open its mouth. By inserting his long beak into his throat, he skillfully removed the small bone from there. The wolf, relaxed, relaxed and set off into the forest as if nothing had happened on the raft.

Surprised, the stork said, “Hey! Wolf brother. I saved you from your pain, and you walk away. You were going to pay off. Anyway, I don’t want him either, at least thank you, ”he called out.

Wolf turned a little nervously and said, “So you say so, Stork brother. Without thinking, you put your head in the mouth of a majestic animal like me and came out intact. You expect a reward instead of being thankful for it, is that so? ” said. Then he walked away.

Değerlendirme: 1 / 5.

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