Fall From The Roof


A man went up to the roof to fix the antenna. He fell from the roof and found himself on the ground. He didn’t get off the ground. Meanwhile, a man who was going the other way saw the man fall from the roof and ran to help the man.

The man said: ‘Thank you for helping’.

 The man said: ‘It doesn’t matter. Moments falling from the roof in case of falling from the roof. ‘ said.

 The man was upset when he heard that the roof fell on him.

Man: How did it happen? Did something happen instead? ‘ he asked.

The man grabbed his waist as if his back was hurting and said: ‘Doesn’t it hurt, my back has been hurting for a long time. Take care of your waist. Go home for a while. Go to your father’s house. When your wife’s anger subsides, she will take you back home.

The man who fell from the roof could not understand why the man said that.

As a matter of fact, when the man was at home with another woman, when his wife came home, his wife chased him with a shovel and went up to the roof half-naked. His wife also hit a man with a shovel and fell off the roof. His wife didn’t take him home for months.

While the man who fell from the roof was trying to understand what had happened, his wife came to him in a hurry.

 Woman: ‘Do you have anything? What would happen if you didn’t watch that match today? ‘ said.

Leave the game on the guy, a guy just came and helped me, then watch your waist. “Don’t go home for a while,” he said. What did he mean?’

When the woman heard what the man said, she grabbed the broom and started chasing her husband. The man, ignoring his aching hip, started to run away from his wife by hustling.

Woman: What are you watching? The man you don’t know says that to you,’ she said and chased her husband.

 Although the man swore, he could not convince his wife for days.


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