Hansel and Gretel

                    HANSEL AND GRETEL

Once upon a time, two brothers named Hansel and Gretel lived in a distant country. When Hansel and Gretel’s mother fell ill and died, their father, who lived in the forest and worked as a woodcutter, started to care for them, but both chopped and sold wood in the forest and took care of their children, and after a while he was no longer able to keep up with his children and business, he decided to marry. But the woman she married was both a very bad hearted daughter of a wealthy family, and she was very fond of her comfort. The poor lumberjack could not keep up with his wishes.

 The lumberjack and his family lived in a dilapidated hut in the forest, barely feeding them. Her stepmothers, Hanseli and Greteli, did not like it at all. Time has passed, winter has come. The woodcutter had a hard time bringing bread to his house. There was an opportunity for stepmothers to get rid of the children. One night, when the children went to bed, Stepmother said that she could not endure this poverty any longer, they would live more comfortably if they send the children from home. The woodcutter said he would not leave the children. The stepmothers shouted out: ‘I have made my decision. Tomorrow we will leave the children to the forest or we will starve. ‘ said.

 Gretel and Hansel heard this speech. Gretel started to cry. Hansel comforted his little brother and said, “Don’t worry, brother, I will find a solution.” Hansel was a smart kid. At night, when everyone went to bed, he went out and collected pebbles and filled the pocket knives.

The next day, the woodcutter unwillingly took his children and his wife and went out for a walk in the forest. When they came far away from the forest, they lit a fire for the children to warm up ‘You sit here, wait for us, we will come‘ They left and did not return again. The two brothers were stuck by the fire. The two brothers were very scared when the wolves began to howl when the evening came and the night came and the stars lit up everywhere. They were trembling. Hansel and Gretel started to see the glowing pebbles when the moon came out and found their way home by running. The woodcutter was very happy when they returned to their home, but their stepmother was very angry. The next morning, they took it to a part of the forest and left it, Hansel and Gretel returned. This has happened over and over again. Finally, their stepmother locked them in their room for the night. Gretel said to his brother Hansel, who was afraid and cried when a job would happen to them because they could not find anything to find their way, Do not worry, brother, I will find a way, we will come back to our house. He found the solution.

In the morning when his father took them to the forest, Hansel split the bread he had kept in his pocket and sprinkled the breadcrumbs without showing it to anyone. When their stepmother and father tell them they will bring food and leave them in the middle of the forest, the two brothers start to wait for their desperate Father. As time passes, their fires are extinguished, darkness descends, the two brothers are so afraid that they get so cold that they hug each other and in the end they cannot stand. But they also see there are no breadcrumbs. Since the hungry birds ate all the breadcrumbs, the two brothers did not find their way home, and did not know what to do and where to go. They wandered for days in the huge forest. Two desperate little children were terrified. They were left hungry, thirsty and helpless.

  While they were wandering around hungry and thirsty, one day they saw a small but very beautiful white bird. They were so impressed by that beautiful bird that they could not stand it and went after it. Neither hunger nor thirst has come to their flux. They also looked at a strange house and went there. They approached the house and approached, and they looked at that house whose walls are made of bread, roofs of cake, windows and doors of sugar. The very hungry brother immediately started eating from the windows of the house, but suddenly a terrible noise came from inside. They wanted to get scared and run away, but they also looked. A sweet old lady. They were very happy to see him and the room was very happy to see them. ‘Where do you come from? What are you looking for in this forest. What little kids like you look for here. I think you got lost, where is your family? But she was such a sweet and charming woman that the two brothers immediately gave a narrative to what had happened. The old woman was upset when she heard this and immediately invited them inside. Let’s see. You must be very hungry. Feed your stomach, and then we will find your family. The two brothers were very happy about this and entered the house with the old woman.

This house, which is made of sugar on the outside, was terrifying, dark and gloomy from the inside. But the very hungry and tired children never realized this. They rested well on the beds where the old woman ate the various dishes and candies she brought. They were both very tired. They looked in the morning and the old woman was not there.

 While searching for him, they found a room, and when they saw this room with a huge cage, a huge oven and a stove, they were very scared. While trying to get out of there, they also looked at another room, there were gold and treasures in this room. While trying to get out of there, they looked at once, and a witch who appeared to be afraid came up against them and realized that they were trapped by the witch and wanted to escape. They didn’t run to the door and couldn’t open it. At that time, the witch grabbed Hanseli by her hair and threw her into a cage, locked her door and beat Greteli, who was trying to save her brother. ‘Now you will cook for me and your brother. When he is unable to walk, I will eat him and fill my stomach. You are not going to eat. He said, “If you eat, I will eat before your brother, too.” Geretel wanted to save her brother even though she was very scared. While he was cooking day and night and giving it to his brother, the monument was buried in the well where he secretly dug the food brought by his brother because he heard what the witch said.

Days passed. Gretel was devastated by exhaustion, but his brother did not gain any weight. The witch did not wait any longer while the room was very happy about this situation. He said, I will cook and eat you in the oven. Geretel said enter and burn the oven in case it would prevent him. Then he said, bak Check out the oven and see if there is anything in it. Gretel realized that the witch wanted to throw her in the oven and said, ‘I can’t look, there’s something here. When he bent down to look at the witch immediately, Gretel pushed the witch with all her might and locked the witch in the oven, taking the key from the place where the witch hid the key and saved her brother. When the witch tried to get out of the cauldron, the cauldron exploded and the house burned down and the two brothers fled.

 Then how many times they came to the edge of a stream. A big duck carried them to the opposite shore. The two brothers took care of them, and they are close to their house. When they got home, their father was sitting at home with teary eyes. He was very happy to see his children. They hugged, their father apologized to them. They also disastrous their fathers. The three of them lived very happy because their stepmother could not stand the poverty and left the house. When the two children gave their fathers the gold they gave from the witch’s house, they lived very happy without ever seeing a face of poverty again.

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