In one time, Nasreddin Hodja, who had eaten and drunk, got up from the table and left the road a little, and his neighbor comes out of the butcher. Fifty arms are full. A strange smile began to walk on the man’s face. Does Nasreddin Hodja keep seeing this? Nasreddin Hodja: ‘Neighbor, neighbor, what are you doing, isn’t it difficult to carry your hands with your arms? ‘ said.

He said, “What should I do, teacher, I bought something for home?” I think you bought something, you have a guest? ‘ he asked. His neighbor said, “No, teacher, I and my lady are on the table.” You said, ‘Oh, let’s set a perfect table with my neighbor lady every forty years’.

He said, “No, it is our usual table.” He said Oh, I am very tired, I will go to take what I will buy. ‘My legs that hurt a lot. I also get tired very quickly. I don’t know why, my teacher said. Hodja laughs sweetly and said, “Oh, harness, how can this body carry this burden, these things will go down to the stomach in a little while. How can your stomach and legs carry the burden of these arms?” That’s why you get tired early ‘he said.

The neighbor said, “What should I say to you, Hodja? Your belly is not too small”. Will Nasreddin Hodja stop? Do not ask my neighbor, my lady, I did it, she said it will pour if you don’t eat. If I do not eat, I said whether the blessing that will be poured is wasted, should I go into sin. I ate the meal said. His neighbor looked and will not be able to cope with the teacher, and he is right, looking at the grocery counter, he has made his way home. Will our teacher stop, he continued the shopping that his neighbor left.

Mavi İlkay Masal.

Değerlendirme: 1 / 5.

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