The dove and The and


In a far country lived a kind and lovely pigeon. One day this pigeon flew freely and went on a long journey. He was tired and thirsty while flying. He started to look for a remedy to quench his thirst.

  And he looked, there was a spring below. Just as he was drinking the water that was placed at the head of the spring, a small ant fell into the spring. While the little ant was about to drown, the pigeon dropped a leaf that it picked up from the edge into the water towards the ant, and the ant clung to it and came to the shore.

When the pigeon saw that the ant was saved, it started to drink its water. While going to the dove to thank the ant,he saw the cute and good hearted pigeon in a hunter and hid behind a tree and aimed his gun at the pigeon.

The ant immediately ran towards the hunter and bit his foot with a ‘Hart ‘. When the hunter shouted ‘ah ‘ the pigeon flew away in fear of his life. It’s hidden in our little ant.

The ant also did the pigeon a favor. The hunter could not hunt anything; his house was gone.

J de La Fontaine

Değerlendirme: 1 / 5.

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