Peaea bırd burnıng Hera


Peacock: ‘ Goddes, I am not troubled for nothing. You gave me such a voice that no one likes it. What a beautiful voice you gave to the nightingale. That little bird cheers up the spring with a song. He fascinates everyone with his sweet tongue.

Long ago once upon a time, when the peacock was grieving for the goddes Hera;

Hera ( Junon) was very angry with the peacock: ‘ Jealous bird you should have kept quiet. Do you have the right to be jealous of the nightingale ? What ‘ s with the raindow feathers wrapping around your neck? The whole place is surrounded by rainbows. You forget about that charming jeweler- like tail that you stretched out your walk with that charm. What bird has what you have under this sky? The one that is as beautiful to the eyes as you, the one that cheers the eyes. All things cannot exist in every creature.

every living thing has its own value. Some are powerful and some are majestic. The hawk is agile , the eagle is bold. The crow brings good news , the raven brings bad news. All of them are satisfied with their voice and features. Why are you complaining? ‘ He said , ‘ Stop complaining or I’ ll take the rainbow dress on back now. ‘.

J. de la Fontaine.

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