Frog and Mouse


One day, a mouse went out for a stroll. This mouse has never been on a fast. He was fed. While walking , he to the shore of a swamp. He was going to rest here and go on his way. A frog came out of the swamp. The frog also tok care of an oily fed mouse;

 Frog: ‘Won’t you order us? Let’s have a nice meal together,’ he said.

Your mouse is a little coy. The frog did not give up and started to speak;

Frog: ‘You can’t get enough of the mud baths around here. We have such beautiful places that you have not seen anywhere until now. You will visit these places and then you will tell your grandchildren that you have visited a country like a fairy tale.

Frog: ‘There is only the law of the swamp. You can’t go on your own in this fat state. You swim that well. He said, ‘You must swim with me,’ and tied the mouse to his own.

A mouse and a frog entered the swamp, and everything changed on the way. The frog began to lure the mouse deeper into the swamp. There is no right or law.

The mouse, on the other hand, said to his grief: ‘Fear God, there was law, there was law. Leave me. ‘ said.

The frog said: ‘Who is God?

Meanwhile, a Hawk was trying to feed his stomach. All of a sudden, a chubby mouse was struggling in the swamp, he landed right away, caught it and pulled it out of the swamp. In addition to what he sees, the frog says, “Today’s luck will be enough for both meat and fish”.

‘He who hunts hunts’

Jean de la Fontaine.

Değerlendirme: 1 / 5.

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