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In a small field lived a field mouse who loved cooperation and friendship. The best friend of the field mouse lived in the city. One day, the field mouse got bored with everything. His friends greeted the same every morning when he woke up, the same food he ate, everything he saw was the same, and he was very bored with this situation.

The field mouse thought of its friend rat in the city. He decided to visit him and go on his way. He overcame the difficulties and came to his friend living in the crowded city. What he was waiting for were different friends, places of fun and no danger. However, what he saw did not fit his dreams. At the first moments he met his friend, they escaped from cars that were in danger of being crushed in the crowd. They could not find food, and the food they found was very dirty.

The field mouse, which was very upset by this situation, invited its best friend city mouse to its place of residence and set off together. When they reached the field, the field mouse started to look around differently. The food he eats, his environment, his valued friends have gained much more meaning now. They had dinner with his friend, who was a city rat, spent time with his friends, and had a great time.

Later, the city rat said that its living space and order were separate, that living beings should be located where they belong, and that the usual order was comfortable and comfortable for living things. The field mouse, the city mouse, who had the same views, sent off his friend, and they talked to the communication by letter, even from a distance. After these events, both of them continued their lives in peace.

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