Lıon and rabbıts of tale

lıon and rabbıts


Many years ago there was a cruel lion living in a large forest, and he terrified anyone who came across it with his cruelty. That’s why nobody dared to approach him. All the creatures in the forest thought how to get rid of this cruel behavior of the lion, and they came to a decision to solve this problem. All the forest dwellers set out together to inform the lion about this decision they made.

When they reached the lion, “Our dear lord, we as forest dwellers made a decision among us and came here to inform you of this decision. From now on, do not get tired of hunting, sir, tell us when you are hungry, we will draw lots between us and present someone to you. ” they said

Of course, the king of the forests was very pleased with this decision, as the lion would no longer have to hunt. In the following days, whenever the lion is hungry, the forest dwellers drew lots among them and the animal whose name was named in the lot presented itself to the lion. While the days were going on like this, one day the little rabbit came.

But the little rabbit had no intention of being the lion’s food. He never went to the lion, thought, thought and finally got an idea. He went to the lion immediately. Seeing the rabbit, the lion roared and said to the rabbit, “Tell me why you are so late, I would almost die of hunger.” said. Rabbit replied immediately:

‘Sir, I set out in the very early hours of the morning and a lion appeared on my way. To escape, I gave my friend next to the lion and ran away. To tell you the truth, that lion said very bad things about you. “

Aslan was very, very angry at what he heard and “immediately take me to that selfless lion.” said. The rabbit brought the lion to the well where he said he saw the other lion. Here the rabbit said, the lion talking bad about you is in this well. The lion looked into the well and saw his reflection on the surface of the water. He thought this reflection was the other lion and jumped into the water without thinking and drowned.

Thanks to the rabbit’s cunning plan, both the rabbit and all remaining forest dwellers in the forest were saved from the lion.

J.d.l Fontiane.

Değerlendirme: 1 / 5.

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